Differences between Qwerty and Dvorak keyboard layouts

Can you increase your typing speed with one layout?

The first thing is to know, what is a keyboard layout?

A keyboard layout is any form of mechanical, visual, or functional arrangement of the keys, labels, or association meanings (respectively) of a computer, a typewriter, or any other typographical device.

QWERTY layout

The QWERTY design is by far the most widespread design in use, it is widely used in desktop computers such as laptops, it has a keyboard layout but generating inappropriate hand movements in some cases (with people who make intensive use of these) generating tendinitis or carpal tunnel, formerly implemented in typewriters in 1870, it was created to avoid jams in them due to the proximity of the keys between so, but, it was not designed to write faster or for the comfort.

Dvorak layout

August Dvorak, He conducted a thorough investigation regarding the QWERTY keyboard layout, which is not intended to improve hand movement, having deficiencies in this issue, through his research he tested various combinations or modified keyboard layouts achieving a keyboard layout called Dvorak in his honor, which allowed in this way to improve the movement of the user’s hands and even improve the speed of writing by eliminating the problem of jams and strange movements of the hands by the user.

Currently, people who are interested in learning to memorize a keyboard layout and be able to master touch typing well can enter the following web page: typingstudy.

As for health improvements; As the Dvorak keyboard requires less finger movement. Many users with repetitive movement disorders or carpal tunnel syndrome have reported relief or disappearance of the lesions.

What is touch typing?

It is a way to train the brain and the muscular nerves to memorize the position of the keys on the keyboard or rather the keyboard layout and write in such a way that you do not have to watch the keyboard while typing.

Is it possible to improve the writing speed?

First, users interested in improving their typing speed should take a typing course, and then, according to their comfort, select a keyboard layout that best suits them, most of the courses available on the internet for this work with the keyboard layout. QWERTY as it has become a standard in the use of personal computers.

It is possible to improve typing speed but the brain and muscles of the hands must be trained to remember the position of all the keys on the keyboard, some people use a device called a stenograph.

Are there keyboard layouts for different languages?

The answer is if they are modified versions of the basic keyboard layouts such as: Dvorak, QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY, although there are more keyboard layouts, the best known are those mentioned.

Who is the person who has achieved a world typing record?

The highest writing speed ever recorded was 216 words per minute (PPM) and was established by Stella Pajunas in 1946 using an IBM electric typewriter. Currently, the fastest typist in English is Barbara Blackburn, who reached a maximum typing speed of 212 PPM in a test in 2005 using the Dvorak simplified keyboard. To know more information about this topic, you can enter ratatype.

Can a keyboard be customized to have a specific keyboard layout?

The answer is yes, currently in internet product sales pages you can find many solutions in this regard, standing out among them the normal mechanical keyboards or the divided mechanical keyboards (corne keyboard) which you can buy in the following links:

Is it possible to use mechanical keyboards in GNU / Linux?

In most GNU / Linux distributions, it is possible to use the same ones and modify the keyboard layout to a personalized thing that allows you to be more productive when working as a transcriber or programmer using this type of keyboard.

Although for some advanced functionalities such as RGB light themes it may be necessary to install some kind of software to manipulate the keyboard back-lighting.

In the case of other operating systems other than GNU / Linux, it will require the installation of configuration software provided by the manufacturer for this purpose.

Is the mechanical keyboard noisy?

If it is noisy, but for many users, listening to the sound of the keys is relaxing and pleasant, although for a small group of people it is somewhat annoying, although the criteria for using a mechanical keyboard are determined by the user’s taste and comfort.

Is it possible to configure keyboard layouts on smartphones?

In the case of Android, if you can use QWERTY or Dvorak with a series of simple configuration steps through the interface of our mobile device, be it a phone, tablet, or other mobile device with Android, for iOS it is possible to carry out a simple process configuration to be able to switch between QWERTY and Dvorak.

Dvorak and resistance to change

If the Dvorak keyboard were inherently more efficient than the QWERTY keyboard, it would be expected to increase its use over time, that is not what has happened.

Although the Dvorak keyboard is the only ANSI-registered keyboard other than QWERTY, and is included in all major operating systems, attempts to universally convert to the Dvorak keyboard have been unsuccessful.

Personal note: according to researched texts and references on the internet, the Dvorak keyboard is not used by default in different devices because it was created at a bad time when QWERTY had already become a standard in typewriters and the entire market was already structured around Dvorak, perhaps in the future more users will try the same and create their own criteria about it and start preferring more Dvorak.

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