Looking at the Future, iPhone X

As everyone knows, Apple recently announced the iPhone 7. As most people know (I assume less people know this part) Apple purposely made this phone a simple refresh (like the S usually is) to wait for next year. Why you ask? Because next year is the 10th year of the iPhone. This why I decided that the phone will be called the iPhone X and XL.

Let’s imagine what the phone will be with a realistic input on what Apple could do to wow their fateful buyers.

The thing that Apple did that was somewhat smart (in a business way, cause the consumer never wins with Apple) was to leave out a bunch of features that other phones have. This why, it’s very easy for Apple to top all previous iPhones! Here’s what was left out that could be added:

  1. Wireless charging
  2. Fast charging
  3. 2K screen for the 5.5 inch version
  4. 1080p for the 5 inch
  5. Opened NFC (not just for Apple Pay)
  6. Dual stereo speakers (frontal)

Read: to cater your geeky needs!

The last one is just a personal favourite but hear me out. That’s another aspect that is easy for Apple to change. The iPhone has kept a very similar design since it’s first version. This year, how do you impress media and consumers with a redesign that stays true to Apple and the iPhone line? You remove the iconic home button (as a symbol of change) and you add dual frontal speakers. On top of the rumoured on screen fingerprint sensor, it works!

Probably the iPhone X is going to look like this.
Probably the iPhone X is going to look like this.

Wireless charging helps calm down the rage of people with the loss of the headphone jack, the dual speakers are always a good thing for a company who brags about loving music all the time (looking at you U2 album no one wanted) and the design would be very different while staying the same.

On the software side of things, I have a couple ideas too. First would be the on screen fingerprint sensor. Secondly, of they are going to allow wireless charging, they’ll do it the Apple way. Wireless fast charging docking station that holds your phone sideways and as soon as iOS detects the phone charging with no cable plugged it, it displays a classic (customizable) alarm clock. The other thing they could do is have multi window support for the iPhone XL and the iPads baked into iOS.

That’s about all I have for now. Of course, I’m probably dreaming but then again, Apple needs to shake things up because the iPhones sales are going consistently down. They want something big for the iPhone X and they want to be in front of the line technology wise so I think my picture fits.

The one thing I am 100% sure they won’t change, and this goes for every phone manufacturer, is battery life.. Cause let’s be honest, we obviously want more features.. No one ever asks for better battery life…
Let me know what you think about the upcoming iPhone X and Apple’s future with it in the comments below.

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