Evidson AudioSport W6 Earphones Review: Awesome Stuff!

Earphones are slowly slowly becoming insanely good and this is my best experience so far with Evidson’s super Sport Earphone! So today we are reviewing the Evidson AudioSport W6 Earphones which are something too awesome for the price and size! Woah! Let’s jump!



The Evidson Audio Sport W6 has a well rounded design and was made with fitness freaks in mind. It does not fall off when running or workouts and stays in the ears. The Bi-flange and Tri-flange tips offer better grip and also a better bass response but feel weird when you use them for the first time. The earphone comes with 5 pairs of silicone ear tips so u can find a fit. The angular design also helps for long periods of usage. The Evidson AudioSport W6 uses a regular 3.5 mm jack and supports all devices.

The Audio Jack looks really sexy and its unique design language helps you not to accidentally break or tear the audiojack if putting inside the pocket as the cable is placed in such a angle. Really an awesome thinking by Evidson f



Oh Boy! This is the best earphone I have ever used in my life! That amount of base and treble level makes it almost comparable to my recently reviewed Sony Headphone! It gives your ears a treat and sounds nothing less than a fully professional headphones! Amazing work by Evidson! Totally MInd blown! Literally I had the best experience with the Evidson AudioSport W6!

The earphones even come with great quality eartips which are made for different ear sizes and I personally needed the tri-flang tip as it gave me better grip and sound impact! The design and looks with those are really cool but even weird sometimes if plugged in ears though that hardly matters! 😀




  • Decent Sound Output
  • Balanced Bass & Treble
  • Comfortable To Wear
  • Good Build Quality
  • Long Cable


  • Heavy To Ears In High Volumes
  • The Lows Fail To Satisfy

So if we shorten up everything into the conclusion! Then, its a great earphone for the price it comes for. I loved the experience and big shoutout to the brand for sending me these up for Review! Also, this can be almost the best cheap option for your everyday workout life where you need musics! Go for it!

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