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FAU-G Vs PUBG, one hot topic in gaming world. Since the ban of PUBG, most of the gamers are waiting for a perfect battle royale game to unleash. PUBG was not just a game it was a emotion to most the gamers out there. PUBG is still finding out ways to make a comeback to the India, where FAU-G aka Fearless And United – Guards pre registrations have started, and witnessed a record of 1.06 million pre-registrations in less than 24 hours, which is an unreal achievement. Although there is no official news on release date Initially, the game was supposed to launch by the end October but it was delayed due to some reasons. On Dusshera, the trailer of the game was released which showed glimpses of the Galwan Valley.

It clearly indicates that the craze for the action packed game which is inspired by real events that took place in India’s armed forces history related to Galwan Valley incident. FAU-G as already hyped up everyone.

All you need to know about Fearless and United- Guard

Fearless and United- Guard abbreviated as FAU-G, as the name goes you might figure it out its, “Made in India” game which is about to unleash, which pays tribute to Indian soldiers. All credits to nCore Games for making it possible. nCore is a mobile games and interactive entertainment company, located at Bangalore, India. nCore create and publish category defining mobile games for the Indian market.

FAU-G was officially announced by nCore games in collaboration with Akshay Kumar, soon after PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were banned in India. Akshay Kumar, in his tweet, stated that the players would learn about the soldiers’ sacrifices and that 20 percent of the net revenue generated by the game will be donated to the ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ trust, which is truly remarkable. Gamers in India are waiting patiently for the launch of the much anticipated FAU-G, because it as already hyped everyone.

The Indian Army contributions inspired battle royale game, it is even said to come with a map that will remind you of the Galwan Valley incident. Due to these sentiments, the game has already broken records in terms of pre-registration. Pre-registration for the FAUG commenced on November, a month after the official teaser of the game was dropped on Twitter. Rumours, says that FAU-G is all set to be released by the end of December. The nCore games developers have, however, not announced the current launch date. Once the game is launched, you will be notified instantly, if you have pre registered.

Battle starts here how different is FAU-G than PUBG

While the game is in development stage for quite some time now, nCore games felt the pressure only when PUBG Corporation decided to announce the launch of the PUBG Mobile India. PUBG India launch might haunt FAU-G but it won’t make much difference, since most of the Indians are eager to play FAU-G, unless it won’t disappoint them, maybe. Since it as marked the record breaking pre registration, FAU-G now is relieved for sure. nCore Games co-founder Vishal Gondal in an earlier interview with the Indian Express clarified that the game had been in development for a while and should not be compared with PUBG.

It is expected to feature based on war like situation. After the launch of trailer it’s confirmed that first stage of FAU-G is inspired by real event took place in Galwan Valley, Ladakh.

In August, we did witness a crisis between Indian and Chinese troops in Galwan which saw about 20 soldiers getting killed. This resulted a cause for anti-China protests and 52 Chinese apps being shut down by the Central Government, which was one good move. No, apparently, it will be added as a feature in the later updates.

The reason why PUBG Moblie India is still unconvinced to happen, the current dynamics in India suggest that for any person or business to operate legitimately in India, they require a PAN or a GST Number. PUBG Mobile India does not have either and without that, they cannot start operating or dream of a comeback yet. But when it comes to data security, PUBG Mobile India seems to have ticked off one box with their tie-up with Microsoft Azure. The secure and safe storage of user information is what will ensure PUBG Mobile India makes a grand comeback.

There are some rumours of PUBG India to be launched in both Android and IOS in month of February.

Features which makes FAUG completely different from PUBG Moblie India

The game names might sound almost familiar but FAU-G will be completely different from PUBG.

  • FAU-G is likely to be a action-packed game which shows glimpse of Indian soldiers’ sacrifices. It is not likely to be a battle royale, while PUBG Mobile India is going to be a battle royale game just like its global version. Though nCore developers, on various occasions, has confirmed that it is not a competitor to PUBG Mobile.
  • Its confirmed that first episode of FAUG will be based on the Galwan Valley incident which happened with China recently at Ladakh. Unlike PUBG Mobile India, FAU-G will be based on real incidents, and is completely dedicated to Indian Army. The weapons used for FAU-G are still unknown.
  • “Made in India” Despite changing the name to PUBG Mobile India, the game is not particularly not made in India. This is a modified version of the original game developed by South Korea based PUBG Corporation. FAU-G is made in India, for India game and developed by Bengaluru based nCore Games.
  • Privacy and Security, this is much concerned factor while downloading or installing any software. Since FAU-G is made in India, the the privacy of players’ data will never be an issue as they will be stored within the country. Official Privacy terms are yet to be issued, but in FAU-G, there might be no issue. Though PUBG Moblie India as tie up with Microsoft Azure, privacy might be no issue but it is a foreign game and because of which India banned this game in the country, it might be an issue, in worst case scenario.
  • FAU-G will be a new game to try out, since you might have already played PUBG, it might be same fun, but it’s good if you try out the fresh take game. FAU-G is one such kind, it might meet the requirements of Indian gamers.


“High up on the peaks at India’s northern border, an elite fighting group projects the nation pride and sovereignty. It is a daunting task, for the most courageous. The fearless and United Guards. Join a special unit of FAU-G commandos on patrol in dangerous border territory. Come face-to-face with India’s enemies as you engage with hostile invaders on Indian soil. Fight for survival against the unforgiving terrain and the implacable enemy. Fill the shoes of a patriotic soldier and experience the bravery, brotherhood, and sacrifice of the men guarding the country’s borders.” From description in the Play Store

So far, it is confirmed that FAU-G will be a story-based game with particular missions showing the life of Indian armed forces, so sit tight and have little more patience for game to unleash. Since Prime minister Narendra Modi, motivated us for Atmanirbhar Bharat, it’s our duty to try out FAU-G.

For Pre- registration click here.

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