The Countries that are Spearheads in the Development of Technologies

Technology and Competition

Currently, there is a technology competition at the world level, for which professionals are constantly working to help technology evolve. For example, Reoltec’s objective is to promote the coordination and promotion of Research and Innovation activities within the wind sector and offshore wind is one of the sectors with the greatest technological challenges and with an interesting prospect of world growth. For more information here.

The regulations for the development of offshore wind power in Spain date back to 2007 without having served to promote specific projects to date. At this time there are various circumstances that will allow the execution of projects (PNIEC, technological position, local manufacturers, international activity) for which it is necessary to update the regulation, set specific objectives and establish administrative procedures in coordination between the different agents. In a complementary way, it is also considered important to put into practice public financing mechanisms that limit the risks in the development of the first projects.

After several years of technological development, prototype tests in ponds and in the open sea, there are various technological solutions ready to be tested in conditions to be able to compete with other more advanced products and that will be presented during the day.

The objective of the Conference is, therefore, to know the current market situation and the position of the Spanish industry, as well as to advance in the possible lines of research, and in collaboration with other countries for the development of joint projects.

Being other countries with the spearhead and do not wait to show their technological advances such as:

Costa Rica opened telecommunications, giving way to competitiveness, but it also created demanding users who seek to have a good connection and speed in receiving and sending data, as well as resources that protect their information.

Mobile Internet is a trend, but the fixed connection is responsible for moving part of the most important activities in Costa Rica, and it is the one that we install in homes, companies, study centers and many others.

Luis Carlos Fonseca, businessman and president of the Chamber of Information and Communication Technologies (Camtic) assures that the opening of telecommunications has brought great benefits to the country because it added competition, supplier alternatives and new service offerings. Source.

And is not for less; Internet is key in the economy of any country.

Based on this panorama, Fonseca assures that the economic and social reality requires being connected because the majority of the population has access to the Internet and people want to make arrangements from their phone or computer to save lines, paperwork and time. That is why companies must understand that all their products and services should be available on the Internet.

In this way, Costa Rica creates an accelerated continuous work due to the demands of users in that country, in addition to establishing comfortable banking and commercial broadcasts, among others, from home, putting in the first place the need to be constantly connected to the internet. This information gives rise to the great technological project that Elon Musk has in his company SpaceX in the United States, which is a project to create a constellation of internet satellites with the aim of providing a broadband internet service around the world. This way, all users from different countries will be able to be connected 24 hours a day, of course if it is possible to have a total success in the satellites that will soon be sent to space.

In addition, Latin America and the Caribbean are not far behind, although they have been late for all the technological revolutions that emerged in the last hundred years. For example, the countries of the region arrived very late to the digital revolution that began in the late 1990s and now, at different speeds, they are trying to close the gaps in connectivity and skills, and promote the digitization of public administration and the digital economy.

This current focus on digital leaves little room to acknowledge the importance of another revolution, biotechnology, driven by recent discoveries in biology and its convergence with digital technologies, data and materials science. Biotechnology has progressed more than any other scientific and technological discipline in the last two decades. Advances in genomic sequencing, gene editing, and synthetic biology open up unprecedented possibilities to develop new solutions to challenges in sectors essential for our future: agriculture and food, medicine, water, energy, and adaptation to climate change, among others.

Biotechnology can be part of the solution to very complex challenges. It offers the possibility of eliminating and / or controlling vectors that threaten public health and agriculture, such as the cases of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which causes yellow fever, dengue, Zika and chikungunya; and the Cochliomyia fly, which causes parasitic myiasis in cattle and causes millions in losses in our region. Biotechnology also offers solutions to recover damaged natural resources, such as coral reefs in the Caribbean, where 66% are damaged. In the field of human health, we are beginning to see the first gene therapies to cure diseases caused by pathologies in individual genes, such as blindness caused by a mutation in the RPE65 gene.

With these advances, a new generation of bio-industries is emerging: cellular agriculture for the production of meat without animals, manufacturing of human organs and tissues for transplants, bio-plastics and bio-materials for packaging and construction, synthetic bacteria to clean the contamination of the soil, water and air, microalgae for CO2 fixation, etc.

In short, advances in technology satisfy the needs and requirements of human beings, let’s just hope that new Technological Innovations bring us advances and comfort in our homes and that thanks to Elon Musk‘s project it will be completed soon so that worldwide we can be connected always and being able to do them all from home. In addition, with this pandemic that is taking place, they can even work from home, and attend their jobs in mandatory situations with their boss immediately.

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