LEAKED: Our First looks at Moto G4 Plus?

So 2016 is actually a year for the revolution of Flagship beasts? Not really, it seems this year is also set to bring the some of the best mid-range handsets the world still needs to be the prove of. So finally we actually have our first looks at the next mid-range beast from Motorola, Moto G4 Plus a mid-range beast which has finally leaked! 😀

Last week, we caught glimpse of an unidentified Moto device spotted in a subway. The phone — which clearly had the markings of a Motorola prototype — showed a front facing fingerprint sensor, one that was more square-ish from the sensors we’re normally used to seeing on Samsung devices. This was further confirmation that Motorola was working on bringing fingerprint sensor to their 2016 flagship, hardware that was also said to arrive on the company’s mid-range G, and low-end E lines.


Last night, @evleaks tweeted out an image of what he says is the “Motorola Moto G4 Plus,” showing off a doctored image of the bottom bezel. Wouldn’t you know it, that same square fingerprint sensor we saw in the previous subway leak is also present. Again, the image has been edited a bit, but it seems the stereo front facing speakers from the Moto G 2014 (which oddly enough, weren’t on the 2015 model) also wont be making a return on the Moto G4 Plus.

Probably the most puzzling aspect of the leak is the name. Why Lenovo would be going for Moto G4 instead of Moto G 2016 is anyone’s guess, but the “Plus” could have something to do with this being the fingerprint sensor equipped on this fourth generation model. Remember, Lenovo actually mentioned in an interview not too long ago that their entire 2016 Moto lineup will have fingerprint sensors. While this was pretty much a given for the higher-end Moto X, it seems the company’s mid and low-range line could offer fingerprint equipped (and higher-priced) “Plus” models as well.

We are still not sure which device this leak is. Though it seems to have the same design language and I really don’t expect some great changes. But, will keep an eye on this and let u guys know if anymore details we have! Stay Tuned! 🙂

Judhajeet Das

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