GEOTEL Note Review: One of the Best Smartphones under 100$!

So Geotel is a new brand which made a entry into the market with the Rugged A1 phone which did make some noise in the industry due to its affordable price and unbreakable design. But, Geotel is again all set to take over with a new device which is superawesome and is unbelievably priced under 90$. So me from TD’s Editor Desk, is reviewing the all new Geotel Note!


So, coming to the design department, it features a new material finishing, that GEOTEL calls as MetalPrint, which makes the phone look quite premium from the back side. MetalPrint is created through 11 manufacturing processes to allow the back surface reflect light. It kinda reminds me of the Asus Zenfone devices which has the similar finish too!

That Gloss!

In addition, the 5.5″ display sports 21% more color gamut and 50% more contrast than conventional panels. This improvement is due to the fact that Geotel replaced the white LED with a blue one that gives out better results. Literally I am in love with the display because of its Pitch Black and super vivid color output! Tough competition to the SUPER AMOLED technology from Samsung!


Looks Good and a Pretty Unique design!

The Phone is equipped with a 13MP shooter at rear and 8mp shooter at front with a 84digrees wide angle lens. I did find the image quality pretty great and the detailing is quite nice. But somewhere the shutter speed could have been a little faster and the front camera could have been a little more better because I did find it capturing less detail than my old Bluboo Xtouch. Though It does looks sharp and vivid. Great Lens, Geotel!


Below You can see how the rear and front camera actually performs. Some Image samples below-

Performance and GPU-

In terms of performance, GEOTEL Note performs pretty well. It comes with 3gigs of RAM and a Mali- T720 P2 GPU which helps it with the graphics of the phone. I ran Asphalt 8 and Asphalt Nitro which ran pretty smooth with almost zero hickups except a few here and there. Also, one problem that the Bluboo Xtouch always had was heating up badly which I didnt see the same with Note.


The phone comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box and the software experience is pretty great! Its nearly stock and also the brand rolls out monthly bug fix and improvement updates. One thing that I found with the software is when you use it heavily, it lags for a while and then gets normal which is wierd but true. But the newest update has fixed that bug so you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Also, I can’t stop praising the display out there. I have used many FHD display phones with great PPI density but this one being a 720p panel, has won my heart due to its “TrueView” technology aiming for hunting AMOLED down 😀

Geotel Note
That Crisp and Vivid Display <3

And another factor that makes me love the GEOTEL Note is the rear Metalprint finish of the phone! It looks so beautiful in your hand and that reflective surface is so so shiny, I could literally watch my face on it but yes, prone to scratches. But.. What more actually can you expect for merry 90$ ?



So concluding everything, all I can say is that Geotel Note is literally one of the few best smartphones available in the market for a price tag of under 100$. Even my old Bluboo which has the same specs as this phone is priced for 150$ and also doesnt comes with such a mind-blowing display. If you are on a tight budget and need a great phone, this one is the best choice for you!

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