The Future of Internet with 5G Technology!

Have you met the internet yet? Obviously You did and thats why you are reading this! It is a wonderful thing. We Humans cannot imagine even for one teeny second a world without internet .It is just not possible because it has been embedded into our daily lives . No matter who we are or what we do communication is necessary by some or the other means . Our dependency over the internet being so high it’s worth a sneak-a-peek over the history of it.

The word Internet chronologically dates back to the 1970’s and its etymology is basically from the two words inter which means mutual and net which refers to networks , which gives us a collection of networks. Ever since its commencement , the Internet has progressed far and reached wide.Statistics show that the internet traffic hits about 240 exabytes every year ,and 1 exabyte guys is , 1 billion gigabytes . It is i know Legen – (wait for it) – Dary .

Taking a walk around our own campus we would see so many people on their Mobile phones probably on whatsapp or surfing the net . How do these guys have access to the web huh ? Well taking a quick look on their phone not saying you should do it , you might end up with a slap on your face or with a what the fudge dude ?? , but anyways you would probably find them using 2g or 3g internet .What is this stuff ? They stand for generation of cellular and wireless technologies and the number refers to speed and bandwidth of the technology and you would be surprised to hear how far we have progressed.
While we Indians are acquainted with 2/3g and a few lucky one’s with 4g and lte we have already started laying the groundwork for 5g or the next revolutionary generation of technology.The 2g supports a transfer rate of 40-50 Kbit/s and 3g supports ~500 Kbit/s and 4g/lte is a 10-30Mbps with 1-30 ms latency , the 5g is a whole new level of awesome . 5g supports a bandwidth of 1Gbit/s and sub 1ms latency.What this means is that e would have a connection lag of under 1ms or a connection frequency of over 1 Khz and a practical download speed of over 150 Mbps ,1000x bandwidth per unit area ,99.99% availability and 100% coverage (perception) and a ~90% reduction in network energy usage and 1000’s of connections would be handled simultaneously .Groundbreaking yet unrealistic isn’t it , but let me tell you folks it’s happening , maybe you are unable to visualize it at the moment but 2-3 year’s down the line it’s going to be there and we are going to witness it . Some of us may have heard of Google Fiber , ( google it those who haven’t !) , with its implementation beginning from the city of Minneapolis in the U.S with its expansion now covering a staggering 34 cities and still expanding is a very fast optical fiber communication technology which handles a bandwidth of 1 Gbit/s , yup its the real deal , if you dont believe me then what do you do ? Yeah , google it.


There have been a number of companies such as the ITU Radiocommunication , NGMN Alliance , European Commission and various National Governments from China, South Korea and Japan and other Individual and Private Bodies who have been doing research on 5g Technologies from as Early as 2013.Among these the most notable and significant work goes to the South Korean Leader SKM Technologies who in collaboration with Ericsson have announced a demonstration of the phenomenal event at the 2018 Winter Olympics In PyeongChang . The renowned vendor has already demonstrated a 5Gbps connection in the 15Ghz Wifi Frequency Band . On the other hand Japan’s NTT Docomo have conducted extensive 5G experimental trials with the spectrum bands ranging from 6 Ghz to a massive 70 Ghz hitting the Gbps Landmark with under 5ms Latency.The results one would say look promising .

The next big and important question is how is 5g going to be implemented ?
To deliver 5g carriers will need to boost Network capacity and speed between the phones and the antennas called base stations , which are put up every few miles.
The phones that we so gently caress , communicate in the <3Ghz range , to deliver 5g the higher spectrums need to be tapped such as the 15Ghz and up.This obviously is going to be so much more harder keeping in mind power radiation and attenuation in the higher frequency range and not forgetting the tons and tons of buildings that man has so kindly gifted to mother nature.Thus the reliance on higher antenna technologies specifically the MIMO(Multiple input Multiple output ) antennas , which means there would be multiple radio signals travelling in parallel and beamforming which would focus the energy in a single direction .At the same time carriers would also add more base stations to improve the odds that your phone would be near one which would be accelerated by today’s “macrocells” which comprises of many small range cells to deliver connections to a wide range of over 20 miles.

Enough of the nerd shit Mom , jeez ! how is it going to benefit us ?
Kids , I’m getting just to that . With 5g hmm what can we do ? We’re going to be able to download a Movie in Blu Ray in about 5 seconds . The milli second after which there’s contact between our finger and the send button on a messaging app it’s going to reach the receiver.Augmented / Virtual Reality surreal as it sounds is going to send a shiver running down our spine and at the same time give us all the ecstasy we can ever get or need. Autonomous Driving is going to make our Car experience heavenly .Get ready to make calls over Wifi to start a conversation with the utmost clarity and least lag and oh did i forget ? We’re going to be able to turn our Home into a Internet Of Things , sit on the couch like a lazy potato watching the Idiot Box and no nature’s not going to run its natural course , technology is going to , it’s going to take care of everything you need before you need it because that’s how dope it’s going to get . Brace Yourself People because no Winter Isn’t coming ( well that is anyways) but “5G” is coming and shit is going to get very real.

Judhajeet Das

Tech Passionate and Heavy Geek! Into Blogging world since 2014 and never looked back since then :) I am also a YouTube Video Producer and Co-own InMyPlanet Networks. Co-Founder, Tekh Decoded.

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