The OnePlus 3 will launch by Q2 of the Year!

The OnePlus 3 is expected to launch at the end of Q2 of 2016, co-founder Carl Pei has said in an interview with CNET.

Since its inception, the Chinese startup has launched three devices, namely the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and the OnePlus X. The OnePlus One delivered flagship specs for a very affordable price than most of the highend phones it was pitched against. The company’s first “flagship killer” was introduced with an invite system which made it harder to get hold of and also somewhat desirable. Also, the sandstone feel material at the back of the phone helped create a special feeling among its followers.

The OnePlus 2 and the OnePlus X followed the same lead as the One, offering powerful specs at an affordable price. While the
OnePlus 2 competed with other flagships, the OnePlus X made a mark in the mid-range segment.

Pei stated that, with the new phone, the company wants to make a bigger and better impression than it did with the OnePlus 2. Acknowledging the fact that the company had an underwhelming run with OnePlus 2, Pei added that the company “hopes the new model
will captivate users as much as its debut smartphone( OnePlus One) did at launch”.


The OnePlus 3 will feature a new design, implying a departure from its predecessor, the OnePlus 2.
He declined to disclose any further details about the upcoming smartphone, which is its fourth device and the third flagship.

The latest flagship from OnePlus might be priced higher than the OnePlus 2, though going by the records the last two iterations were very affordable for what they packed. The only downside being the lack of NFC and very average camera performance that angered
majority of customers.

The co-founder also stated that the company is bringing changes to the way its devices will be sold, offering a “better buying process”, although he did not reveal whether that would mean abandoning the invite system.

Q2 of this year is not too far away, and hopefully getting hands on the Never Settling company’s latest smartphone might become easier for those unwilling to go through the process of gaining an invite to purchase it! Feel free to let us know what you feel in the coments section below!

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