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The iPhone 12 series are leaked… With 5G… And their pricing is fantastic

The iPhone 12 keeps the same pricing as the iPhone 11, and you get an improved chipset(A14) and 5G!

There’s still plenty of time for the iPhone 12 to launch. The launch plans are pushed back a month, possibly towards October – November. Apple keeps showering bits and pieces of the iPhone 12 every now and then. Thus a renowned tipster called Jon Prosser who made a precise prediction of the launch date of the iPhone SE, has now leaked the news of the iPhone 12. We already know most of the important details, like the design, the processor, A14 bionic, the camera, and that there’ll be 4 new models this year.

iPhone 12 leak

So apparently, Apple is releasing 4 phones this year, and they’re all of different sizes. It starts from the smallest one at 5.4 inches, and goes all the way to 6.7 inches. If you are a fan of small phones, the base iPhone at 5.4 inches would be an excellent choice for you!


iPhone 12 variants
Leaked 2020 iPhone 12 line-up with key specs and prices. Credit: Front Page Tech


So let’s take a look at the features the new iPhone 12 line-up has to offer.

iPhone 12 – 5.4:

Codename: D52G, comes in an Aluminium body, uses a tinier notch, packs the powerful A14 SoC( System on a Chip), a nice OLED screen, 5G support, and has a dual camera. Priced at $649

iPhone 12 – 6.1:

Codename: D53G, uses the same aluminium body as the previous iPhone, smaller notch, uses the same A14 SoC, OLED screen, 5G support, and the same dual camera as the iPhone 12 – 5.4. Priced at $749

iPhone 12 Pro – 6.1:

Codename: D53P, features an all new stainless steel body, smaller notch, packs the A14 SoC, OLED screen, 5G, and three cameras this time. Priced a whopping $250 extra, at $999

iPhone 12 Pro – 6.7:

Codename: D54P, same stainless steel body, smaller notch, A14 SoC, OLED screen, 5G, and 3 cameras. Priced at $1099.


For all we know, the pricing might change before launch, but if it is accurate, we are seeing some pretty amazing pricing as far as Apple smartphones go. This year there was a significant rise in the prices of some Android flagships that gained 5G support, but it looks like Apple doesn’t want to charge extra for that feature.


Another point to note is that since the outbreak of COVID-19, the iPhone 12 launch has been pushed back, to October – November time frame, so we all will be waiting a while for the launch, as more leaks pour in the coming months.

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