LG V30 Latest Renders Reveals Everything!

The LG V30 is just about to launch and as closer as we’re moving towards the Official launch more we’re coming to know!Yeah the LG V30 renders leaked last night (by our @evleaks ) one the most trusted leak’ester.

In the image we can see that the device has nearly no Bezel and the top and bottom somewhat look like Galaxy S8/S8+.To be short we can conclude that if Galaxy S8 and G6 have a baby it would be like this. The device is pretty identical to G6 from back.The fingerprint reader mounted just below the camera in comfortable place not like the GS8. The dual camera Setup is their but in horizontal-way.Probably followed by a laser focus as far as we can observe.

But this time it looks like the LG thought of ditching the second display and why not it’s essential to get a Bezel-Less+Edge display. The bottom and top part is not been leaked yet but who cares we get enough.One thing can be predicted is USB-Type C (of course) and our bet is on fact that there’ll be a Headphone Jack!

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