Maxed-out new Mac Pro or XDR display with Pro Stand: Not getting fleeced

Apple is fair and just with the pricing for the quality, performance, ecosystem it delivers

It is funny how a maxed-out new Mac Pro is compared to a premium sports car or multiple iMac Pros in western countries or a decent two bedroom apartment in cities of India or other countries of the world. It is not legit by any means to compare apples and oranges. That being so, you have to shell out a whooping 60,946.00 USD to own a maxed-out new Mac Pro Tower with wheels and XDR Pro display with Nano-texture glass including the Pro stand for it.

Although it is difficult to imagine who the intended buyer here is. Professionals like music producers, photo editors, video editors would love to own such a machine, pros like to invest in equipments for long term gain. Not sure if each one of them would need a maxed-out new Mac Pro but it is for sure that they would love to own one to work with Apple Software and ecosystem.

You have to understand that with these kind of mind-boggling specifications Apple is trying to compete with similar workstations by HP or Dell that had been the only choice for prosumers until now. If you really compare and calculate the convenience of Apple’s ecosystem therein, it is overall a fair deal for a big movie production house. If you do not wish to understand Pixar’s 3D graphics team’s extensive requirements and time limits for a given project, let us talk about a busy photo art studio that handles all sorts of video works like weddings, special events and publication of art works. A popular studio has undergone painstaking process of building a business with raw shooting equipment and slow processing units to encode digital content. By end of the day they finish rendering thousands of images, videos. A lot of content is encoded as per the requirement of a client and exported to various kind of media formats.

I assume you are not using Toshiba T480 that does not cut it any more since it takes 45 days to produce a low quality wedding video. But imagine a well thought decision to invest earnings from years of hard-work into a machine that will speed up production, improve product range and services, and expand business to a whole new magnitude. Again, you have to understand time is money and to be able to achieve quality content in less time is nifty. So, it is naive to call it completely unimaginable, just because it looks pricey to you at first glance.

Imagine carrying a dirty leaking bucket to a clean spring well three miles from your home, so you and your family can drink, stay alive, and produce a food item that you sell to the public and subsist on. Would it be sensible to save as much as possible with a goal of investing in a larger bucket and or a light vehicle or wheelbarrow that would increase your productivity, reduce wear and tear on your body, and produce greater opportunities tomorrow?

Right question to ask here is, “Whether another vendor is offering a 28-core CPU with 1.5TB of memory for similar price in the market right away to the consumers?”.

The Dell equivalent to the new Mac Pro is the Precision 7260 (I think I got the model number right) which has a base configuration identical to the nMP but costs 30% more, but also sports more options (inc. 3.0 TB of RAM) with the maxed-out configuration amounting to 252,800 USD.

If that 1000 USD Pro stand price hurts you. I have some news for you. The XDR Pro Display is amazingly cheap for what it is. Even with the nanotexture option and the thousand-dollar stand, its performance and accuracy beat displays costing three times as much. Not everyone can afford 35,700 USD for a DuraVision FDH3601.

To conclude, Apple has fairly priced the new Mac Pro and XDR Pro Display and its accessories. If you are looking to buy one, go hit the stores right now.

Manish Gehlot

I am a privacy, security, encryption and software freedom enthusiast. I am into VPNs, TLS security. Recently I also got into technical writings including guides.

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