The 16-inch Macbook Pro: Must have!

It is the Macbook Pro you have been waiting for.

Apple India in a press release on November 13, 2019 announced 16-inch Macbook Pro in India. It is not a routine upgrade of CPU with a bigger screen this time. Apple has finally heard its pro users and fixed all the issues that its pro users have been facing for a couple of years in Macbook Pro line up. Apple’s drastic move from more trusted scissor switch keyboard to butterfly keyboard in Macbooks was noting but a debacle and Apple has paid a huge price with its long term keyboard repair / replacement program.

Apple has completely replaced the keyboard with new Magic keyboard bringing back the reliable keyboard technology from past with improvement and advance redesign for better response while typing and pressing the keys. It delivers a minimum 1mm key travel and a stable key feel.


The 16-inch Macbook Pro has introduced a new six-speaker sound system to bring a whole new audio experience on a laptop ever. Number of speakers is not all. There is a some futuristic technology to reduce unwanted vibrations that produces a distortion effect during audio playback. Further, Apple has reworked the microphones to bring professional studio like recording quality in a laptop. It is a dream come true for audiophiles and music lovers. The kind of value it adds to a Macbook Pro is unbeatable. With these audio related hardware upgrades content consumption on this 16 inch retina display is going to be marvelous.

In previous generation, Intel i9 based Macbook Pro has been shamed for thermal failures and it has not lived up to its expectation given the premium one pays to buy an Apple product. With this release of 16-inch MBP, Apple has redesigned the thermal and made the heat sink 35 percent larger. Changes has also been made to fan with improved airflow thanks to the extended blades and bigger vents. These much needed thermal design changes have by far resulted in the best sustained performance with higher work loads for this new Macbook Pro. To be fair, now it makes sense to consider the 8-core i9-Intel CPU unlike the previous generation MBP. Not being able to put more RAM on a MBP has always been an issue for a very few prosumers. Starting this release you get to upgrade your MBP to 64GB of RAM with faster frequency.

The 16-inch MBP has the new AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series graphics with latest 7nm mobile discrete GPUs. It has GDDR6 type video memory with 8GB VRAM option for the very first time. 3D graphics rendering and video encoding would be real fun especially on the high-end graphic option for the 16-inch MBP. It would help a lot of pro users who deal into video related content creation for example Youtubers. Apple in the official press release claim up to 80 percent better performance on this generation of high-end graphics for 16-inch MBP than the previous generation high-end option. It is almost double the graphics performance. It is a real overhaul in terms of graphics performance too.

As if this was not enough to get your hands-on the brand new 16-inch MBP, there is even more. Apple has put the largest battery possible in this line-up of MBP. It ships with 100Wh battery, offering an additional hour of battery life resulting in 11 hours of video playback or web browsing. It is the maximum limit for lithium ion batteries on airplanes as per FAA, US Department of Transportation. You cannot push it any further and still be able to fly with your MBP. Good job Apple!

One last thing, you get to upgrade this MBP to 8TB of NVMe SSD storage. First 8TB Notebook as Apple calls it. Albeit expensive to max-out the storage option but real handy for pro users who deal with large files every day.

So, basically, 16-inch Macbook Pro offers the biggest battery and SSD storage option ever. Combined with a six-speaker sound system with one of the best bass on a laptop and a new professional studio quality microphone array for clearer audio recording. This generation’s MBP is ready to beat a studio workstation. Apple’s T2 security chip with multiple roles and industry’s most precise, largest touchpad is a big advantage for any pro users too.

Apple has timely heard its pro users and made significant changes in this newly released 16-inch Macbook Pro. You cannot go wrong with a 16-inch Macbook Pro. It has something for everyone to love.

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