Motorola announces new accessory range: VerveLife

Motorola will be bringing a brand new accessory lineup to MWC. This lineup has been branded the VerveLife series and consists of wearables ranging from headsets to action cameras and dog trackers.

While we don’t know much about why Motorola needs to create a brand new range when Moto is so respected and popular, we do know what products will constitute this new range at its launch.

Verve Ones and VerveOnes +

Bluetooth earphones sans any connection between the left and right earbuds. These will last you 12 hours on a single charge and also come with a mic and a charging dock which doubles up as a case.

The VerveOnes + give you the above plus IP 57 certification, 3 sets of extra ear gels and a sport case.

VerveLoop and VerveLoop +


Bluetooth headsets with a cable connecting to the two earbuds, these are bound to be the more affordable ones. These appear to be designed for an active lifestyle.

The regular version lasts 6 hours on a single charge, 3 ear gels, 3 stabilizers and an integrated mic. The Plus variant comes with IPx7 certification and a sport carry case.

VerveRider and VerveRider+


These neckbud earphones offer you 12 hours of battery life and come with a mic. While the heaviest of the the three, the battery life certainly makes it worth it. The Plus variant gets you IP57 certification, 4 ear gels and a sport carry case.



This video camera does it all. Not only can it record 2.5K @ 30 fps, it has an 138 degree field of view. It can live stream videos to Hubble Cloud and YouTube as it comes with Wi-Fi. Its IP67 certification means you can take it up to 30 metres underwater.


Humans aren’t the only ones to receive Verve love. This GPS pet tracker anywhere as long as there is cellular data. Coming with IP67 certification means your pets can have fun in water without your tracker being rendered useless. One year of GPS tracking, virtual gene and wander alert are a part of the package.

That’s it for now. We’ll get back to you with a detailed analysis once MWC lets us take a proper look at these cool pieces of tech. Until then, we’re glad Motorola is keeping things fresh for you and your pets.

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