LEAKED: Note 7 Front Panel’s Iris Scanner!

Samsung’s Note range is considered the flagship of phablets and with its impending release in August, news and rumors of all sorts have been gushing in. After learning that Samsung was going the Microsoft way and skipping a number (making this the Galaxy Note 7), we now have the front panel of the device, leaked by Android Authority. It features an iris scanner, something else that Microsoft launched on phones with the Lumia 950.

The front panel, leaked to Android Authority by @onleaks, features a dual edge panel and a 5.8 inches screen. Also present are a new set of cutouts above the screen which were absent in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 flagships. These might just be the iris scanner that we’ve heard so much about. Leaked reports revealed that Samsung’s iris scanner would require three lenses for assuring accuracy and that matches up with the number of new cutouts on the leaked front panel.

If the other leaked specs are to be believed then the Galaxy Note 7’s iris scanner will be joined by a 5.8 inches Quad-HD Dual Edge SUPER AMOLED Display, 6 GB of RAM, an improved 12 megapixels camera that’ll come with dual-pixel phase detection autofocus with a battery that rumors put between 3,600 mAh to 4,000 mAh.


What do you think about the iris scanner? Do you think it’ll complement the fingerprint scanner or attempt to supplant it? Samsung has always been one of the first to bring new technology to Android, bringing fingerprint scanners much before Android officially supported them and made many other manufacturers join. This might have been an important factor in Android supporting them eventually so Samsung could be starting a new wave with the introduction of an iris scanner. Care has to be taken to ensure usability in low light conditions too, something that’s never a problem with fingerprint scanners. Only its arrival will let us judge its usefulness.


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