Samsung’s 4K 5.5″ Smartphone Display is Here, VR Supported!

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  1. VR Technology is getting overhyped. Don’t understand why we need such powerful display for VR -_-

    1. Shayan says:

      Display resolutions getting bumped up is an inevitable innovation. Sooner or later it has to occur. VR does require high resolution and honestly, even 4K isn’t enough. The lenses zoom in so much into the display that even the pixels of QHD smartphones are clearly visible.

  2. Ashir Ahmad says:

    Do you really think that VR is the next big thing in technology? Smartphones have almost nothing new to show now, so they try with VR…

    1. Shayan says:

      VR is undeniably the next big thing. The smartphone market is getting extremely saturated.

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