Nvidia RTX 3080 leaks – Renders are out too

The new graphics card could go by a different naming scheme.

Nvidia will be launching their RTX 3000 series graphics cards based on the new Ampere architecture, but since no official date is announced, the best guess according to a report by Techradar is that it will be in around September to October this year. Many think this could be called Nvidia RTX 30 series.

RTX 3080 design leaks

A set of pictures emerged from a Chinese forum Chiphell (What a name. Chips from hell?). The main thing that makes the card stand out is the fan design. The models photographed by a leaker are actually prototypes or engineering samples likely to be one of the many suggested designs for the final choice. The design however does appear to be NVIDIA’s.

Front side
Front side
Rear side
Rear side


As seen from the images above, it features a two-fan design with a large heatsink which might later be hidden under a shroud in a later state. We can see the RTX 3080 backplate on one of the prototypes. The blue colour of the upper sample is not the actual card colour, this is just a wrap of the silver metallic shroud around the card. The design seems very unique, both fans are placed on opposite sides of the card pushing the air in different directions. The main fan pushes air on to the PCB while the other pushes it out of the PCB. The card’s structure is such that the first fan cools the PCB directly, while the second fan vents out all the air which the first fan sends in.

RTX 3080 alleged Specs

There is speculation that this card could be using the GA102-200 GPU according to twitter user kopite7kimi

Kopite7kimi is hopeful that the RTX 3080 might come built around the GA102-200 GPU with 4,352 CUDA cores and 10GB of video RAM. Many have claimed that GA102 is the GPU that powers the RTX 3080 Ti top-end graphics card (and new Titan card too), including, as this leaker theorizes, a potential RTX 3090 (another possibility being hinted is an RTX 3080 Super right away in case AMD is being competitive).

As pointed out in the sub heading of this page, the names are not final, and could change come September. But the fact remains that this card will have an equivalent of 3080 like performance. Even though it uses the same GPU as the TI variant, it will be cut down to an extent in order to be sensible from a price-performance perspective.

3080TI Renders

Reddit user tor6770 has taken the leaks and made a couple of renders (unofficial of course) in the YouTube video above. Down below is a render from reddit user JDSP


The launch may be closer than we expect

Ever since the reports of Big Navi launching soon, Nvidia has decided to compete by leaking out the 3080 specs, and they got Chiphell to produce some board design leaks too. With all the leaks arriving really soon, it proves that the launch is way closer than we imagine.

YouTuber ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’ describes the new cooler design, and notes that his inside sources believe that the leaked images could be genuine – although they can’t exactly confirm it, but have commented that if the pictures are fabricated, they’re really good fakes.

Are you excited for the new RTX 3080 graphics cards from Nvidia? Do let us know in the comments below.

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