NHTSA publicly shaming people for texting while driving!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) , a US federal agency has started an aggressive Twitter Campaign in an effort to make people avoid using their smartphones to text and attend/make calls while driving . They are publicly shaming the offenders on twitter by tweeting regarding the action and making them abscond for their act.


For what its worth their recently started campaign is gradually gaining traction and is turning into quite the thing.The tweets can be seen by family or maybe the boss from work and is certainly going to help in making people reconsider before they decide to text/call while driving .The tweet from the NHTSA is ended with a #justdrive hashtag which is also flying around social networks and seems to be an apt end to the tweet .

From the consensus provided by the NHTSA around 8.1% of deaths in H1 of 2015 due to car accidents were caused by smartphones which were being used to text or call while driving and it seems to be a staggering high number.This is considering that texting or calling while driving is absolutely discouraged and is actually illegal in US and UK since a few years back.Pass the message around with the #justdrive hashtag to keep the roads safe and prevent  car related accidents!.


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