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  • Sep- 2023 -
    25 September
    Climate Change

    Breaching the Limit: Global Concerns Rise As Six Key Planetary Boundaries Are Exceeded

    Lead Image: The new update on the Planetary Boundaries framework shows that six of the nine boundaries are transgressed. Credit: Azote for Stockholm Resilience Centre, based on analysis in Richardson et al 2023. A new study updates the planetary boundary framework and shows human activities are increasingly impacting the planet and, thereby, increasing the risk of triggering dramatic changes in overall Earth conditions. For over 3 billion years, the interaction between life (represented by the planetary boundary, Biosphere Integrity) and climate have controlled the overall environmental conditions on Earth. Human activities, for example replacing nature with other land uses, changing…

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  • 23 September

    Groundbreaking Study Uncovers Origin of “Conscious Awareness”

    Lead Image: A recent study used infants to investigate the origins of purposeful action, showing that agency emerges from the relationship between an organism and its environment. Using a baby-mobile experiment, researchers demonstrated that when infants recognize their ability to cause motion in the mobile through their movement, they transition from spontaneous to intentional behavior, marking the “birth of agency.” The research on infants provides the first quantified observations showing the ’emergence’ of agency or purpose in humans. Living things act with purpose. But where does purpose come from? How do humans make sense of their relation to the world…

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  • 22 September

    Gobbling Galaxies: Black Holes’ Speedy Feast Shocks Scientists

    Lead Image: A new study shows that, by dragging space-time, supermassive black holes can rip apart the violent whirlpool of debris (or accretion disks) that encircle them, resulting in an inner and outer subdisk. Credit: Nick Kaaz/Northwestern University New research reveals that supermassive black holes consume surrounding material faster than previously believed. This insight, derived from high-resolution simulations, could explain why quasars flare and fade so quickly. A new Northwestern University-led study is changing the way astrophysicists understand the eating habits of supermassive black holes. While previous researchers have hypothesized that black holes eat slowly, new simulations indicate that black…

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  • 19 September
    Nano Particles

    Preventing $220 Billion in Damages – Scientists Discover Potential Way To Disarm a Mysterious Family of Microbial Proteins

    Researchers have identified how certain harmful bacterial proteins, AvrE/DspE, cause diseases in crops by suppressing plants’ immune systems. Using AI predictions, the team found that these proteins create channels in plants, leading to infections, but also discovered nanoparticles that can block these channels, effectively preventing the bacteria from causing harm, which could save the global economy $220 billion lost to plant diseases annually. Researchers from Duke University might have discovered a method to neutralize them, potentially averting $220 billion in yearly agricultural losses. Many of the bacteria that ravage crops and threaten our food supply employ a shared tactic to…

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  • 18 September
    Mental Health

    Scientists Discover “Startling” Levels of Hidden Mental Health Symptoms Among Autoimmune Disease Patients

    Lead Image: Over half of patients with autoimmune conditions suffer from mental health issues like depression or anxiety, yet many are not routinely asked about these symptoms in clinical settings, reveals a study by the University of Cambridge and King’s College London. The research indicates that the prevalence and range of these mental health symptoms are more extensive than previously known, and there’s a significant disparity between patient experiences and clinician perceptions. Experts urge immediate mental health assistance for patients with autoimmune diseases. Over 50% of patients with autoimmune disorders suffer from mental health issues like depression or anxiety. However,…

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