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  • Jun- 2021 -
    12 June

    Cambridge University breakthrough makes Hard Disk Drives double or even triple their storage thanks to this new material!

    Solid-state drives may be the go-to for phones and most PCs and laptops, but the humble mechanical hard drive still has a place in the computing world. When you need a lot of storage for the least amount of money, they’re the way to go. And that could be the case for the foreseeable future due to a breakthrough from Cambridge University.   HDDs first appeared in the 1950s, but their use as storage devices in personal computers only took off from the mid-1980s. They have become ever smaller in size, and denser in terms of the number of stored…

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  • 10 June

    Your next intercontinental flight could now be powered with high speed Wifi all thanks to SpaceX

    In the ever-connected world that we live in today, it’s odd to know that certain spots don’t yet have reliable internet — one of which are airplanes. But, if SpaceX has anything to do with it, it’ll make that happen. The team behind SpaceX’s growing satellite internet network Starlink is in talks with “several” airlines to beam internet to their airplanes, the project’s vice president said during a conference panel on Wednesday. Expanding Starlink from rural homes and onto airlines is an expected move for Elon Musk’s space company as it races to open the broadband network commercially later this…

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  • 5 June

    AI Outperforms Humans in Creating Cancer Treatments – But Can Doctors Trust It?

    A team of researchers directly compared physician evaluations of radiation treatments generated by an AI machine learning (ML) algorithm to conventional radiation treatments generated by humans. They found that in the majority of the 100 patients studied, treatments generated using ML were deemed to be clinically acceptable for patient treatments by physicians. Overall, 89% of ML-generated treatments were considered clinically acceptable for treatments, and 72% were selected over human-generated treatments in head-to-head comparisons to conventional human-generated treatments. Moreover, the ML radiation treatment process was faster than the conventional human-driven process by 60%, reducing the overall time from 118 hours to…

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  • 5 June

    Mars Ascent Vehicle from Northrop Grumman takes shape for Mars Sample Return mission

    Since Mariner 9 entered orbit around Mars on November 14, 1971, NASA has been continuously studying the Red Planet.  The Viking landers reached the surface of Mars five years later and began sampling the soil.  Since then, numerous landers and rovers with instruments from institutions across Earth have studied and traveled the red terrain in search of answers to many of our questions. But all of the sample analysis has had to rely on the robotic laboratories and the data streams beamed back to Earth.  Now, NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) are seeking to change that with the Mars…

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  • 5 June

    Seawater could be the main source of lithium in the future!

    Booming electric vehicle sales have spurred a growing demand for lithium. But the light metal, which is essential for making power-packed rechargeable batteries, isn’t abundant. Now, researchers report a major step toward tapping a virtually limitless lithium supply: pulling it straight out of seawater. “This represents substantial progress” for the field, says Jang Wook Choi, a chemical engineer at Seoul National University who was not involved with the work. He adds that the approach might also prove useful for reclaiming lithium from used batteries. Lithium is prized for rechargeables because it stores more energy by weight than other battery materials.…

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