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  • May- 2020 -
    28 May

    DDR5: The latest RAM standard is faster, and clocks way higher. Coming soon to a Desktop near you… In 2021

    As you know, we are at this time of the year when the new RAM standard has been released, and it’s DDR5. This announcement has caught the eyes of both enthusiasts and professionals alike. 6 years ago, the DDR4 standard was launched, and many made the switch in less than 2 years. The new DDR5 RAM promises double the performance than current DDR4 modules, while lowering power consumption.   DDR5 features   Clock Speeds The latest generation of DDR(Double Data Rate) memory gets a speed bump. The older DDR4 had an average clock speed of 3200MHz, but DDR5 has an…

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  • 24 May

    Need a new energy source? A California based company will be starting one in 2023

    People have always been looking for a new energy source to replace the ones we already have, and it hasn’t been easy finding one. Fortunately, This California company, SGH2 has a hydrogen facility in the works, and has promised to transform thousands of tons of garbage into energy every year, and no other plant has been able to achieve that. According to a report by New Atlas, the hydrogen produced by SGH2 will be the “cleanest of all on the market”, and be “the cheapest,” while “pulling tens of thousands of garbage from landfills”. Green Hydrogen Green hydrogen is now…

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  • 21 May

    AMD finally decided to keep their promise. Will allow Zen3 to be compatible with X470 and B450 motherboards

    A while back, AMD had stated that there won’t be any zen3(Ryzen 4000) CPU support for boards older than X570. But in a surprising turn of events, they went back against their statement and decided to allow Zen3 support on X470 and B450 motherboards. This will literally be a “promise now, figure out the details later” type of arrangement. I believe they could enable support for majority of the 400 series motherboards which will be upgraded to Zen3 this year. Promise kept In the AMD blog post last year, they made a commitment to support AM4 until 2020. The statement…

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  • 18 May

    Ryzen 7 4700G spotted, to compete with i7-10700

    According to a report by Videocardz, a retail sample of the chip was leaked from an anonymous source which said that it’s only a matter of time before the Ryzen 4000 series desktop APUs hit the shelves, and it proves that  AMD is indeed preparing the fastest APU to date. Renoir APU to use 7nm node by TSMC It features the same die as the Renoir APU mobility lineup(for laptops), but there’s a big upgrade. It uses the 7nm FinFet process made by TSMC, compared to the older 12nm on the Zen+ predecessor. This uses the all new Zen2 cores…

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  • 17 May

    TSMC is starting their 5nm fabs in the US

    A while back, TSMC had stated that they won’t be building a production facility in the US, but apparently, they went back against their previous statement, and decided to start manufacturing in the US in another statement. TSMC officially announced that they will be building a new high end fabrication plant in Arizona. The fabrication plant will be fabricating 5nm process nodes for most electronic companies that needs them for processors, graphics cards and the like. The new fab will have the capacity to produce around 20,000 wafers per month. The entire building will be costing a whopping $12 billion.…

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