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  • Apr- 2021 -
    20 April

    SYPWAI – Your Next Neural Network Development Company

    In recent months, a young start-up company SYPWAI has been taking the lead in the global market by quickly establishing itself as a leader in artificial intelligence (AI). So what’s the secret? How has a start-up company managed to achieve such unprecedented heights in such a short time? It’s simple – it’s all about the idea. SYPWAI offers the world an innovative technology that is accessible to specialists in AI development as well as to those who are not familiar with the subject. The idea did not just come about by chance. At one point, it became clear that there…

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  • 18 April

    SpaceX wins a contract from Nasa to launch astronauts to the moon, edges past Blue Origin and Dynetics

    Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX) has won a $3 billion contract from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to build a lunar lander designed for missions to the Moon. These missions will be part of NASA’s Artemis program, which plans to restore American presence on the lunar surface. As part of its bid, SpaceX submitted its Starship next-generation spacecraft from the proposal, with the company currently testing early-stage prototypes in its facilities in Boca Chica, Texas. In 2020, NASA awarded contracts to three commercial teams — SpaceX, Dynetics and Blue Origin — for the agency’s Human Landing System (HLS)…

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  • 17 April

    Hubble telescope solves the mystery of Red Hypergiant star VY Canis Majoris dimming, could turn out to be another Betelgeuse

    In the southern hemisphere, in the constellation Canis Major, lies a very young, very massive red hypergiant star called VY Canis Majoris (VY CMa). VY Canis Majoris – in the direction to our constellation Canis Major the Greater Dog – is one of the largest stars known. It’s a red hypergiant, so huge that it makes the famous giant star Betelgeuse look small by comparison. If you replaced our sun with VY Canis Majoris, its outer layers would extend past the orbit of the 5th planet, Jupiter. A pulsating variable, its apparent magnitude (how bright it appears in the night…

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  • 16 April

    Chinese memory manufacturer Netac is making DDR5 memory chips going beyond 10GHz

    We’re slowly entering the age of DDR5 memory which is expected to start with the launch of AMD’s Zen 4 and Intel’s Alder Lake-S CPUs later this year. As per JEDEC specifications, the standard range for DDR5 memory will be 3200-4800 MT/s, with estimates stating that many high-end modules will be able to push 8400 MT/s. Similar to DDR4, the first couple of years, we’re bound to see slower implementations ranging between 4000-5000MT/s However, like 4000MT/s is the enthusiast territory for DRR4, DDR5 will see many vendors touching the 10000MT/s mark, with 8400MT/s being the norm. One memory maker, Netac…

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  • 15 April

    TSMC warns that chip shortages could continue until 2022

    TSMC, which makes processors for Apple, Qualcomm, AMD, and numerous other big consumer tech companies, has warned that chip shortages could last through 2022. “We see the demand continue to be high,” TSMC CEO C. C. Wei said in comments reported by Bloomberg, “In 2023, I hope we can offer more capacity to support our customers. At that time, we’ll start to see the supply chain tightness release a little bit.” Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. said on Thursday as the world’s biggest contract semiconductor maker unveiled bumper quarterly profits. Wei’s comments mirror predictions made by Intel’s new CEO Pat Gelsinger…

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