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My Dream of a Perfect Smartphone, Explained!

So, today I decided to sit down and play the game of creating my very own, Perfect smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of amazing devices out there already, but none that check all the boxes. Just for fun, I decided to name 2 smartphones. One will be a realistic smartphone that could possible be announced this year and my second will be a complete fantasy that will most likely never happen. Are you ready?  Let’s do this!

Perfect Smartphone


The realistic phone-

Here it goes. My main issue with pretty much every 2016 phones is the form factor. Sure, some will say “How different can a slab of glass and metal be?” and they would not be wrong. But, currently, every phone maker, for some reason I cannot explain, make their top and bottom bezels huge. The way I see it, the LG G2 and then the G3 we’re moving in the right direction. Then, Apple release the iPhone 6 with a 5.5 inch display and it made it okay to have huge bezels so everyone did it. It’s like Apple is the leader still, even if their tech is years behind Android. So, my perfect form factor would be a 6 inch phone with at least 80 to 85 screen-to-body ratio. I want 6 inches in a 5.7 inch phone body. I know it’s possible because I have a Nexus 6 and if they didn’t make the top bigger than the bottom, they could have easily fit a 6.2 or even 6.4 inch screen. You know what? I just decided, I want a 6.4 inch screen in my Nexus 6 body.

Next, processor. I am not one to believe the processor needs to be the fastest, craziest thing ever. I would be happy with a SnapDragon 820. I am not a fan of Exynos chips so I stick to SD phones. When it comes to RAM, I would be satisfied with a good 6gb of it. I would also love to have 128gb of storage and an SD card slot just to say I have one. Of course it would run Android N (which we all know will be called Nutella) and have a 5000 Mah battery. I’m not super crazy about smartphone cameras so I’d be happy with the same setup as the S7 Edge. Why not. Also, I want front facing speakers, vanilla android and a 4k screen just to go with the sweet 5000Mah battery.


My Real Dream Phone-


Now, let’s get serious. Let’s dream together, shall we? Let me first say my dream phone.. doesn’t run Android. That’s right! My dream phone runs a core i7 processor and runs a full Windows 10 on it. I want the same form factor as above. 6.4 inches, front facing speaker. I want my phone to look like Windows mobile but when I dock it in or plug an HDMI cable..

BOOM.. I get a full windows. Not Windows continuum that only runs office, I mean the whole thing. I want to install the full photoshop suite on it. I want the phone to have 12gb of ram and 512gb of storage with micro sd slot. I personally think Microsoft would be perfectly able to get that done. Will they? I doubt it.


In Conclusion-

All the phones that come out nowadays are extremely powerful and good enough to be labeled the PERFECT SMARTPHONE, but I still do not believe companies do their best, probably by design, to give us the top of the top of devices. Companies like Samsung who purposely keep capacitive buttons and inverted buttons (which people very much hate) and like Sony and the Nexus line who gives us every thin side bezels with huge top and bottoms.

Can’t forget about Apple who lives in their pass glory with they never evolving OS and underpowered “revolution” of tech. I think we will be getting much more gimmicks before we get a true perfect phone but the road is amazing to see and these phones are amazing to use.  What do you think of my perfect device? Did I fall on my head? Let us know what your perfect phone is in the comments below zaymer

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  1. You’re seriously a dumb guy u just want stupid specs stupid personality writing tech articles doesn’t know how tech comes into being

    1. While it might sound like wishful thinking, we might see such kind of specs in the coming years. We have seen 8GB RAM (OnePlus 5T) We have seen Huawei Mate 10 Pro convert Android into a desktop OS with having to need a dock. The storage capacity is increasing day by day. The Mate 10 Pro comes with 4000mAh battery, there are phones with 5000 mAh batteries. May be we see a Surface phone one day.

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