LG G6: Finally We know How it will look like!

The LG G5 arrived few months back and it havent reached all the countries yet. LG G5 is already a success for LG Mobiles and they are looking forward for the next G Flagship already! Guess what? Yep, its LG G6 and as per the leaks, the phone will look quite identical to its successor G5. Though many of us didn’t like the design language G5 follows.

Created by Giztimes, this concept has specs that would do fine in 2016, including a 5.5 inch Quad HD screen, a Snapdragon 830 CPU and 4 GB of RAM. There’s a 12 megapixel back camera and what looks like a metal chassis. Knowing LG as a company that likes to take risks and that pioneered a Quad HD screen on a smartphone, they may as well jump to 4K next year.


This model feels like a wider LG G5 with a touch of the latest LG Nexus models and narrower bezels. The camera area is quite massive and there’s no trace of a dual camera setup here. Modularity is also unclear and probably doesn’t happen here. LG G5 may just be the last flagship LG makes for a while, since its functionality may expanded via modules, so there’s no need for a superior model for a year or two.


With all this power and running atop Android, the G6 will be needing all the power it can get. LG is already working on it. A 3200mAh battery will power the LG G6 and will be able last it a full day with heavy usage. Android N is also polished to conserve battery as well, so for a normal we are talking two days or more of scree on times. LG’s always “On” mode will be given an update to include more information on the screen now. The best part is that the G6 will retain the removable battery setup that we love about the G lineup.


LG G6 Price

Mammoth battery and specs, the G6 will be a premium device overall, but what about the pricing? Samsung and other manufacturers are slanting towards a less aggressive price tag and LG will follow the same path. LG G6 will have a price tag of $850 aiming for February 2017. LG G6 will be yet another modular flagship from LG for 2017.


Via- Giztimes

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