oCharger: The All-In-One Wireless Charger for Every Smartphone!

The wireless charging game has gone so popular since the introduction of technology since 2013 and almost very brand is bringing out phones with such feature. But we mainly see flagships coming out with such technology and almost everyone doesn’t owns a Flagship or a costly phone but wishes to have such experience. So, finally a Los Angeles-based brand has finally introduced something cool and can complete the dreams of Million mid-range phone with “Qi” Technology support owners! 😀 Its called the “oCharger”.

oCharger is a campaign currently on IndieGoGo asking for $25,000 to build an all-in-one charging solution for your smartphone of choice. Whether you use an Apple device, an Android phone or one of Google’s new Nexus line sporting a Type C USB port, oCharger has a solution for you. Its list of features is ambitious, to say the least:

  • Retractable, 2.5’ Micro-USB Cable and full-size, reversible Type A USB.
  • Optional Lightning or Type C Adapter.
  • Expandable Storage (16 or 32gb included)
  • Backup Battery: 2000mAh (or 5000mAh stretch goal)
  • Priority Charging: Charges your phone first, backup battery second.
  • Fast Charge: Turns off the data portion of the cable to boost charging speed.
  • Optional Wireless Charging: Qi or Apple Watch, with Solar (!) as a stretch goal.


The oCharger is set for a Summer, 2016 launch, which is a pretty quick turnaround as far as crowdsourced hardware goes. So, here’s what the Founder of the brand has to say about:-

Personally, I am a big fan of Steve Jobs and a lot of my aspiration comes from his view of how he perceives the world. For example, Steve talks about how if you poke life, something comes out and how everything one knows about life is made up by people who are no smarter than you. So what I would like to add is that I not only came up with this product to simplify our everyday usage of our smartphones but to make a small dent for the better future. I would hope that this is only a start of my chapter in life to keep developing new/better tech gadgets.

So their you have it! A gadget you wished for long is finally coming but all you need to do is support it thought money or shares for any helpful person to watch! Share this article as much as possible to bring the dream into a reality! 😀

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