Samsung Posts July Security Bulletin Before Google!

Samsung deserves our respect for being one of the few OEMs who releases their monthly security patches at the start of every month, following in Google’s footsteps. This month though they decided to take things further and have published the security bulletin before Google itself.

The list published by Samsung contains not only the numerous security patches issued by Google to AOSP but also includes Samsung’s own patches for Vulnerabilities and Exposures. There are 4 of these that have been newly patched. The bulletin however keeps two a secret. The reason for this maybe the protection of devices that may not be receiving the security patch.The two that have been detailed deal with the Samsung Professional Audio SDK and the IPC socket in devices running Android 4.4 and above.


Google’s own contributions to this month’s security patch are significant. There are a total of 9 critical patches, 26 high-severity patches, 9 moderate patches and zero low-severity patches. Those with Nexus devices continue to wait for the inevitable release of the factory images, OTA updates and the security bulletin. The last bit is what will permit their incorporation into various custom ROMs, spreading the cheer around.


[Source: Anrdoid Police]

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