The Unexpected Truth Behind The World Of Technology Debt To Learn About Now

Just imagine a scene where you are one 20 year old worker, hitting grind on a daily basis at startup. You end up working for long hours and grabbing fast food for cheaper and quick lunches that might let you get right back to work. There are times when you might get right ahead within a short span of time, but after few hardcore months and meals later, you will definitely slow down a bit. Chances are high that you might feel a bit sluggish and you are on fast track to the heart issues. Your major fix is what will end up causing you quite some bucks.

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Just like your poor diet plan, even technical debt will start with good intentions but end up being no so good at all. There are frustrating failures which are demoralizing people for quite some time now. Unlike any of the unhealthy meals, technical debt remains unavoidable to say the least. Right now, the agile developers in the market are currently focusing on just delivering software in a quick manner for solving any market trend. Those developers who are over-architect or even over code software will delay the launch to some extent and end up wasting money.

So, even though the assumptions and shortcuts might help developers to iterate in a quick manner, they might further cause the software to accrue major technical debts. If you leave this matter unaddressed for long, it can bog down the system completely, crash your software and can further cause some of the multiple months delay to release the product. You can ask some top debt consolidation companies for some better response in this regard, to be your guide for the day well.

The general warning to deal with:

Just like it has proven to be quite important to understand the current health risks of just skipping the vegetables in your diet plan, it is rather essential or important for you to understand how this notion of technical debt running wild can paralyze the company in near future.

  • Time gained now it likely to get lost later. Technical debt can always slow company’s effectiveness with the time. It can further prevent streamlined based movement forward, causing the startups to come to a perfect stop or halt.
  • An example might help you understand the calculation better. Twitter will built up platform’s front end with the help of Ruby on Rails. This is a fast solution coming at steep rate, making it quite difficult for the Twitter to just add features or even improving the search performance.
  • Then the company ended up paying down the technical debt by taking this decision of switching to the Java server. It actually led to the current three fold decrease in the current search latency.
  • Always remember to receive a call from the debt collector. Technical debt might be stated to be an abstract concept by so many people, but it can easily cost the firm some real deal of monetary values easily.
  • CAST Software will always found average per line based cost of the technical debt to be around $3.61. When it comes to Java Code, the cost can hike up to around $5.42.
  • The unfortunate part is that this cost is not here to stop so soon. Technical debt has done it before already and it will still drive the developers mad, to say the least.

This form of technical debt will make the job of these developers quite progressively difficult and also time consuming. It can even make the tasks less rewarding to say the least. Considering the fact that this form of debt can cost you around $67,500 just to recruit and even train any new developer, it can be well stated that the costs associated with such technology based debt will add up in a quick manner while chasing developers out of door.

The pain associated with unexpected growth waiting for you:

Just like any of the young workers of this current market, it might seem like a complete waste of time to just visit doctor or evaluate the diet. Unfortunately, most of the young startups feel exactly the same when it comes to managing technical debts. Therefore, that can always lead to unpleasant forms of technical surprises.

It was rather shocking to know that Instagram nearly fell an easy prey to the growing pains, which took place beforehand. When it launched the iPhone app in 2010 October, it actually ran the operation on the single server, based in LA. After going through an onslaught of the traffic, which nearly crashed server, IG pivoted in three ways to the preset EC2 hosted database. According to experts like Mike Krieger, this section was compared right to the open heart surgery, and he is now working to preemptively address the present technology based debt before it might lead to some catastrophe.

No way other than paying down the technical debt:

There is no other way available other than actually paying off the technical debt. Just like any of the plaque entrusted arteries, this form of debt is easy for you to ignore in youth, but can do some real damage with passing time. So, you have no other way but to budge the balance back on its right track to avoid further damages that easily.

  • Make sure to check the account on a regular basis. Here, the systems might be mired right in technical debt in case the developers are taking more than normal time to iterate features.
  • Remember to always pay minimal balance on a weekly basis or scale. For that, you have to start paying debt with the weekly sprints.
  • You can further hire one cleanup team to help you in this regard and then consider the scalability in the future decisions.

Just be sure to follow the points well and things will start to work out well and in your favor. Moving on with technical debt right on time can solve your issues well.

Bibhuranjan Nath

Bibhuranjan is the Chief Editorial Officer at Techno FAQ digital media and its subsidiary TekhDecoded. He is a tech journalist, avid gaming fanatic and loves all things tech, science and DIY. Follow him on Twitter.

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