How Can I Avoid Pokemon Go Malware?

Pokemon Go is One of The Games badly hit With Traffic and Due to this unofficial Developers and hackers are making their own versions of the game and For Example if you Downloaded the APK Of The Game as It’s not available in your country, You might be hit by a Malware.

This Malware Can Record Voice, Steal Contacts, Check Messages and Much more.

How Do I Know If I’m Infected by It or Not?

Try Checking your Browsing History, Your Phone’s Files and If you find Some Files which are not owned by You then there’s Definitely a Malware and Always Check Trusted sites for Downloading The APK.

How can I avoid Pokemon Go malware?

Wait for the app to officially be launched in your country. We know that it’s a Big torture, and We’re Sorry about It. Installing from unofficial version requires you to turn off security settings designed to keep your information and device secure.

So to install any app from an APK File you need to allow app installs from untrusted sources (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources). This setting specifically prevents app installations from outside of Google Play, and by turning it off you’re potentially exposing your device to malware-laden apps that appear legit. Granted, there are some APK websites that do everything to cover their bases and ensure the APK listed on the site are legit copies of the Play Store version, but bad guys like to figure out ways around such processes. Be Patient and Pokemon Go Would be Soon there in Your Country.

Did you also know about the Pokemon Go hack that is viral these days? Lazy players of the game has recently found out a way to hack the location, it can take you to any place of the world virtually and with this, you can easily catch your favourite pokemon, check out FlyGPS APK Download and know more about this.

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