Vernee Mix 2 Review: The Best Bezelless Smartphone under 200$!

Bezell-less smartphones are selling like hotcakes these days almost every other brand is releasing their bezelless device. Still when you opt for a Budget no bezel smartphone, you’ll end up disliking most of them because of few notable problems. But, Here’s where Vernee can impress you a hell lot with the all new Vernee Mix 2!

Design and Display

So talking about the design, Vernee Mix 2 has a smooth phone body with Super-slim metal frame. Vernee has provided this smartphone with a premium look, the design of this smartphone is quite similar to the prominent Xiaomi Mix. 6-inch superlarge screen, with the resolution of 2160×1080p. The screen has the rounded corner for ensuring the best possible display So watching videos or playing games on this phone will be an unforgettable experience. The Phone is made 80% of glass!

Vernee Mix 2

One great thing that I like about this phone is even having a big screen, you can still comfortably hold it in one hand. In the past, I didn’t actually like using 6″ phones but this one is a exception which makes me look at it more and more!


Coming to the hardware, Vernee Mix 2 comes equipped with 4Gigs of Ram and 64GB ROM and powers the latest Helio P25 chipset with 2.5GHz, Octa-Core processor, which makes this phone very fluid and pretty fast while operating. With the 18:9 all screen ratio, everything playing on the display will bring more broad vision, even gaming gets better!


Vernee Mix 2 has the 13 MP+5MP dual camera, The first model from Vernee featuring the dual rear camera set-up. Though for me, the 2nd camera looks fake but can’t confirm. But the images had great sharpness and quality compared to the price it comes.

For the selfie maniacs, mix 2 has 8MP front Camera. You will also get plenty of beauty effect to make your selfie cute and beautiful. However, the picture quality of the front camera is quite average for me. Also, the front camera placement which is at the bottom didn’t impress me. Though, It’s a bezell-less smartphone and the brand did that to keep the bezels as minimal as possible so I understand.

Vernee Mix 2’s OS

From the software front, The Mix 2 comes with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box and I haven’t received any updates so far but the brand promises of important patch updates and more. It’s purely stock version of Android and theirs nothing better than that!


Well, for the large screen phablets, we need a large battery to power the beast up, Vernee Mix 2 has massive 42OO mAh non-removable battery, which is quite sufficient for this phone. You can easily get a full day battery backup in the normal use. Fun fact, This smartphone also supports the fast charging which charges up the device really fast.. Really fast!


We’ve reached the end of this quick review about the all new Bezelless marvel from the company, Vernee Mix 2! Why Buy? Well, If you are looking for a smartphone, which has a quality large screen with the minimum bezels at the sides(basically looking to follow the trend and get a sexy Mix device) and also at the same time, you don’t want to spend a large amount of money, then you should buy the Vernee Mix 2! You can use the Purchase link from the description below to have additional Discounts on your purchases! 😀

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