What is Coronovirus and how to protect yourself?

Prevention is always better than cure

As per the statistics, more than 60 thousand people around the globe are infected with the new virus which is found to be prevailing in China named as coronavirus. Only in China, more than 1400 people have died due to this virus, and the numbers are increasing. In addition to this, the virus originated from Wuhan, which is the capital of China, and since then, it has infected various people around the globe.

As per a research virus that spread rapidly have lower mortality rates as compared to ones which progress with higher mortality rates. We need to remain protected from coronavirus to stay healthy and lively.

So let us discuss some methods through which one can protect himself or herself from coronavirus.

Wash hands

To remain healthy, an important tip is to wash hands regularly. Also, to prevent yourself from coronavirus, it is imperative to wash hands with clean and running water. In addition to this, one must properly wash hands with soap. Also, make sure to lather your hands properly and scrub your nails to make your hands clean. By following this step, people can reduce the impact of coronavirus.

Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough

It is observed that most of the people do not cover their mouth when they sneeze or even cough. It is not a good habit at all. It also spreads germs into the air as well as persons around you. So one must avoid it to reduce the potential of virus spreading. One must cover the mouth whenever he or she sneezes. This practice must also be followed when you are coughing so that you can protect yourself as well as others from this deadly disease, coronavirus.

Use face masks

Coronavirus is also spread with liquid droplets, so it is good to protect your face with a mask. It can help you to also avoid yourself from other viruses or infections. However, it is observed that face masks still protect to some extent because some litter particles can still pass through the masks. Still, it is quite an effective method to reduce the potential of coronavirus. So one must try this tip to protect themselves from coronavirus.

Seek medical help

Medical help is very important whenever you are affected by some virus or disease. It is observed that some people often avoid seeking medical help and try to treat themselves on their own. Well, this is not a good practice. You must seek medical help immediately. It can help you to prevent the growth of diseases or viruses like coronavirus. Also seeking medical help can suggest some remedy measures as well as medicines that can help you to prevent coronavirus. Seeking medical help can also detect the symptoms for coronavirus, so a medical check-up is a must. You can also seek help for academic assistance through the service of Custom Assignment Help that is available all around the United Kingdom.

Avoid direct contact with animals

Viruses like coronavirus spread rapidly through animals so one must avoid direct contact with animals. It is good to keep some distance so that you can prevent coronavirus from infecting you. Also, one must avoid contact with surfaces that were in direct contact with animals so that he or she is completely protected from coronavirus. So it is a good tip to remain protected from coronavirus and to live a healthy life.

Avoid undercooked animal products

It is also important. One must avoid the use of undercooked food items that are manufactured from animals or that include animal ingredients because they can lead to coronavirus infection. In addition to this, take care of the intake of raw meat as well as animal organs and milk. It can protect you from coronavirus to a large extent.

Avoid contact

For people who are in regions near the infected areas are suggested to stay indoors because it can protect you as well as others from coronavirus. It is good to avoid contact with people in the infected regions because the coronavirus can spread rapidly, and you can also be affected due to this virus.


So here were some tips that one must follow to prevent himself or herself protected from coronavirus. In addition to this, one can prevent others from getting infected. Some of these tips are avoiding contact as well as avoiding contact with animals. Also, avoiding undercooked food or animal products can help an individual to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Some other tips are washing hands regularly, wearing masks as well as medical check-ups that can prevent a person from coronavirus.

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