What’s new in Apple iOS 14

Everyone’s been waiting for this update and it’s a fascinating new update for Apple environment lovers. Today let’s look around few new things which will pop in iOS 14.

This new feature is quite new to the iPhone world. If you are tired of having not much widget in your home screen and your android friend have so many widgets in their home screen, well iOS users you’re in for a treat. The new update grants you many widgets and shortcuts for which you get more options and information at a glance and can be customized according to your preference of size and placement. As its Apple they tend to do something out of the box. There’s Smart Stack which stacks up your widgets into one single widget outlook and pops up according to your feeds.

If you hate your apps lying around your home screen all jumbled and looks like a crap, well the new update has you covered. There is a new App Library which automatically organizes your apps into one folder and is bases on single category. And the apps which are used the most are one tap away.

When you’re watching something or doing something and you get a call, the incoming call animation would fill the whole screen. There is no more of that struggle anymore. The new update gives a short and compact design as in the picture above. So calls from your iPhone and other apps calls are shown in this beautiful interface, and won’t cover full screen.

Everyone loves apple Memoji . Now it gets better, in the new update you get fresh new options like age, hairstyle, headwear and face wear. So you can reflect your own self as an emoji or like apple calls Memoji.

Since maps have come into smartphone traveling to new places has never been a struggle, but with apple new update the minute struggles is even removed. You get new cycling direction which helps you in guiding the best route for riding a cycle and reaching the destination calculating the steep, busy streets and many more things. As we get to future Electric Vehicle (EV) are increasing and when you using a EV charging the vehicle is also necessary. Apple covers this situation, when you open the map and choose the destination it shows all the charging stations on the way so you can take that path and charge up your vehicle at ease.

Apple Maps have teamed up with trusted brands to guide you the best places to go to. Like for eating, shopping, and exploring and stuffs. Isn’t it great you get the best directions and also the best shops given to you on your fingertips.

With this new update apple introduced all new Translate App which helps in conversing in 11 different languages. With the new mode you can keep your phone in the landscape mode and click the mic button to start your conversation it automatically translates to your specified language as shown in the pic above. When you need a particular translation again and again you can save those translations in the Favorite tab section.

Everyone’s favorite Siri is completely upgraded and she’s better than ever. Previously when u activated Siri she activates but takes over the whole screen, now that’s gone. Now when Siri is activated she comes in the cute animation below the page and doesn’t interrupt your view. Now she comes with 20x more facts than just three years ago. Siri now uses the web to get your information to get your answers from broader view.

This is kind of cool. Pretty useful in every scenario. Your iPhone does work for about 5hrs even when battery runs out. It doesn’t mean you can stream things or binges watch a whole show. It’s made for emergency purposes like calling and other little important stuff.

Carplay was very useful now it’s even more useful. How you ask..?. let me tell you. Now you can unlock your car and!! Also start your car using your iPhone. Mind-blowing and convenient right!!. If you are apple user you pretty much know how careful are apple about their security. You can share the access with others as well and restrict the access to people who you don’t want to use the vehicle.

Carplay helps you in choosing the wallpaper from the given set of wallpapers. It supports new stuffs like parking, quick charging, Electric Vehicle Charging info and Quick food ordering.

Well this has been just few of the stuffs which are coming into your iPhone through iOS 14 there are so many other things which are being added but I have just covered just the top ones. The new update will be available during the fall as apple claims. Check Apple’s website to know more about iOS 14.

Manish Gehlot

I am a privacy, security, encryption and software freedom enthusiast. I am into VPNs, TLS security. Recently I also got into technical writings including guides.

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