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Whether An Apple iphone 7 or a Samsung Galaxy S8?

So here comes a tough call by the mobile users- “whether to buy an Apple iPhone 7 or a Galaxy s8?” The different features need to be taken care of before you buy an up to date phone. These phone’s come with a different platforms which is an ios operating system and the android. The android has got an endless number of applications but the ios is also not lacking behind for the same.

Now comes the actual features which includes a display type, curved display, home button location, finger print sensor, pressure sensitive display, processor, RAM, storage, battery, camera-front as well as rear,  and cost.

Starting with the first vision of the phone when comes in the range of eyes is the:-

  • DISPLAY- The samsung s8 comes with a amoled display with a high pixel density as compared to the ips display of apple iphone 7 which has excel in the other areas like white balance, brightness. But we cannot deny the fact that the samsung s8 is been graded  as the best display till date. The display itself is the advanced versions for the samsung as the apple is still sticked to the old one which is ips.
  • CURVED DISPLAY- The samsung display works with a edge upgraded versions which are available with the sloped screens on the either side of the display of the phone. This is not yet seen in any of the apple iphone. The curved display is considered to be the easy way to use those functions which can be used on the home screen itself.
  • HOME BUTTON LOCATION- The home button provided by the apple can be used as a shortcut to many different options which is not seen in the samsung s8.
  • FINGER PRINT SCANNER- Till yet the finger print sensor was seen in the front of the samsung headsets but this s8 has the sensor at the back of the phone near the rear camera whereas the iphone has no change in them. the speed of the sensor is believed to be the faster in the samsung phone’s as compared to the apple iphones.

  • PRESSURE SENSITIVE DISPLAY- iphone has a 3d pressure sensitive touch which allows the user to use various shortcut applications on a single panel by applying the pressure on the screen for a few seconds on the screen. this is also seen in the samsung galaxy but its only on the edge touch on the either side of the screen.
  • PROCESSOR- The samsung galaxy s8 is believed to have a snapdragon 835* octa core 2.35 gigahertz processor which works at a unbelievable speed but the apple iphone has a A10 quad core 2.3gigahertz processor.
  • RAM-The samsung s8 has a 4 GB RAM which is actually double the RAM of the iphone 7 and is only 2 GB. the only difference between them is of the chips been used by the both brands.the apple uses a high speed chip.
  • STORAGE- The samsung s8 comes in a single variant of 64 gigabyte but the apple has the three different variants in the storage which are 32gb, 128gb and 256gb. the samsung users can also expand their memory by using external micro-SD cards but this can’t be done in the apple iphone.
  • BATTERY- The most important thing which is seen by the buyers is the capacity of the battery .The samsung s8 has a battery of 3000mah whereas the apple iphone has the capacity of just 1960mah. this concludes that the iphone 7 has less standby as compared to the  samsung s8.
  • CAMERA- Both the phone’s have the same 12 mega pixels rear camera whereas the samsung has 8 mp front camera to the 7 mp in apple iphone 7.
  • PRICE- The price of the samsung galaxy s8 is approx 60k and the apple iphone 7 range its cost in 47k to 58k.


So my answer to the question is-

buy a samsung galaxy s8 if you wish to use various upgraded features rather than using the iphone 7 with no new features.

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