Google finally names Android N Internally!

Google could have already decided on the perfect name for its latest version of android, Android N. A few reports have claimed that the AOSP repository references the update as NYC, or New York Cheesecake. There you go, we have our name!

Maybe not! If any of you can recall, Google dubbed Android K as Key Lime Pie initially. As you know, that version of android
ended up being known as KitKat, with one of the coolest partnerships ever.

New York Cheesecake seems to be quite complicated as Google typically doesn’t go with more than three words for these names,though they chose to depart from the norm with Ice Cream Sandwich way back then.


It also appears that comments made by Google CEO Sundar Pichai about asking for public’s help to name Android N weren’t far from truth. Google is reportedly polling random users through Google Opinion Rewards, asking what tasty treats which start with the letter “N” come to mind.

Before the survey began and reports broke the news of the possible name of Android N, Nutella was a hot favourite. This
could only be because the past few updates have been named after desserts and this could also mean another chance to have
a tie-up with a new chocolate spread, like with KitKat.

Google hasn’t necessarily stated that the name should be a “dessert” but rather a “tasty treat”. Then again, it could likely be that they can’t find a great dessert to go with and end up naming it New York Cheesecake. Or maybe they could even surprise us by inking a nice deal with Nutella! Let us know what you think Google might name the latest version of their mobile OS in the comments down below. 🙂

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