3 Things to look for in a car audio amplifier

If you want to enjoy your music in your car, then a car amplifier should be part of your modifications. With a car audio amplifier, you are assured of all the details and finest audio features that your music can provide. You will enjoy the better sound quality that the car audio amp brings in to your music. You may also have quality speakers but your car stereo is not powerful enough to bring out the power of the music. If this is the case, a car audio amplifier will help you to pump up the bass!

If your car has powerful subwoofers, these will require significant amounts of power for them to bring out the best and powerful music from your car audio system. As such, a powerful amplifier will come in handy. Now, regardless of the power of your car speakers, there are a number of things that one needs to consider when they are purchasing car audio amplifiers. You could probably consider the manufacturers of the car audio amp. You can read reviews from Caraudiologic website to learn more.

Here are 3 things to look out for when buying a car audio amplifier:

1. Number of channels

This is a very good factor that you need to consider when you are buying car audio amplifiers. The amplifiers are available in different configurations. The number of speakers that you have in your car audio system will determine the number of channels that your car audio amp should have. As a general rule, you need one channel for each of the speakers that you want to amplify in your system.

You can choose the audio amplifier units that have 2, 4 or 6 channels since these are more versatile. If you have a component system, this may be a bit complicated and as such, you may have to buy more than one amp, external crossovers, as well as other components to make your system work more powerfully.

2. Power of the amplifier

To get the maximum power from your speakers, it is important that they are not underpowered. You could pick out your speakers first and then find a suitable amp for this purpose. For your factory speakers, the first thing you need to do is find their RMS value and then find suitable amps for these speakers. The amp that you pick should put out from 75% to 150% of that number.

Do you want to run a subwoofer off the same amplifier? If so, this means that you should get a much more powerful amplifier for this to happen. You could decide to bridge two channels from a multi-channel amp to ensure that enough power is provided to the speakers and the sub.

3. Amplifier Compatibility and head unit

If you are building your car audio amp from scratch, then you need to buy an amplifier that has preamp outputs. It should also have line level inputs. When the signal going to the amp is unamplified, you will get the clearest sound that you may ever need. This is definitely what you want from your amp. If you already have an existing head, it is important that you buy an amp that has suitable speaker level inputs.

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