Google Chrome overtakes Microsoft Explorer title as the most Popular Browser [Atlast]

According to the data reported on NetMarketShare, a website which reports and shares statistics for the internet technologies, in April 2016, Google Chrome beats Internet explorer as the most popular browser in the internet world.

Have  a look at the Report below:


If we take a look at the past data, in May 2014, Internet explorer was much ahead of Google Chrome. Internet explorer usage was around 58% while back in May 2014, Google Chrome usage was just around 18%. Gradually over the time, Google Chrome kept on growing more popular than the internet explorer. And in April 2016, Google Chrome just overtook internet explorer with 41.66% vs 41.35%.


Decoded Bits: Google Chrome has finally taken over the Grand title of the most popular browser from Microsoft Internet Explorer, as concluded in the result of April 2016 by NetMarketShare. Chrome pulled away 0.31% more leading the web by 41.66% leaving Explorer at 41.35%.




A small story of Sundar Pichai

When Sundar Pichai (the current CEO of Google), proposed the idea of Google Chrome when he was not that senior (neither that junior) at Google. The people at Google said, what’s the use of another browser when Internet Explorer and Netscape were already dominating the world.

Now you know, where the Chrome is. It is not the matter of who does it first, but who does it right.


This is how the Chrome competed with Explorer and other browsers

Best Browser report comparisons over the Web
Reports by


Although the Microsoft introduced a new browser, MS Edge in the Windows 10, still many folks doesn’t like it mostly due to the reason of lack of functionality such as Inspect Elements, Extensions and themes. It can be assumed that Microsoft would learn some lesson and would implement the extensions functionality in the later updated versions of MS Edge.


Honestly speaking, I am so attached to Chrome that I don’t even give a damn to other browser. If you prefer another browser over Chrome, please let me know why so?




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