iPhone 8 LEAKED: New Hands-on Images are live!

Their have been number of iPhone 8 leaked status and this is one of the most recent ones. So, a Facebook profile shared 2 images of so called Apple’s next flagship, iPhone 8 and it pretty much looks like the earlier leaks or renders so we are believing it to be 100% real.

Well, as per the images, It appears to show the iPhone 8 will have almost edge-to-edge AMOLED display – believed to around 5.8-inches – with no physical Home Button and a small notch in the top bezel to house the front-facing cameras.

 It had been known – and obvious – that Apple was heading for a major redesign with this phone. It had been guessed that would include a screen that stretched over the entire front of the phone, getting rid of the bezel that sits at the sides and top and bottom.

But the iPhone 8 leaked details revealed exactly what that will look like, at least in its silhouette. A drawing of the phone was found inside the code and made public, in perhaps the most revelatory of the many leaks.

iPhone 8 leakediPhone 8 leaked

But how could this happen? How did the notoriously-secretive Apple manage to publish its own secrets? Apple pundit John Gruber has published a blog post on DaringFireball that reveals how this colossal mistake might have happened.

“My understanding is that Apple is (or at least was) on the cusp of a widespread deployment of prototype HomePods to employees,” Gruber writes.

“Someone prepared an over-the-air software update and because it was intended to be distributed only to Apple employees, the OS was compiled without all the usual flags set to omit code that pertains to unreleased hardware.”

All we can do right now is wait till the official announcement to find out how much of the truth is revealed with the iPhone 8 leaked details. Anyway, Comment below if you have any queries or we can start a healthy discussion! Cheers!

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