eSports Tournament 2018: Details, Dates and More!

eSports are the trend these days and in 2018, the popularity of eSports will grow farther than ever before.

For those who are uninformed about eSports, eSports is also called electronic sports and is termed for sports played electronically, mostly in the form of video games. Now that video games have become so common, the popularity of eSports tournaments has also increased.

Every year, different countries host eSports tournaments to bring all  of the best eSports players under one roof and to create tournaments that bring out the best eSports player of the region.

In the last few years, eSports tournaments have gained quite some momentum and now almost every country where video gaming is popular hosts their own eSports tournament.

There are a lot of eSports tournament events scheduled to happen in 2018, and a highlight would be the Australian Domestic eSports tournament, which will be the country’s first eSports tournament.

Most of the eSports tournaments 2018 will be held in countries like China, Japan, USA, and South Korea. Also, many countries like Australia have come forward to organize their own eSports tournament in 2018.

About the games that are played in eSports tournaments, all popular games across various genres are played at these events and are often referred to by their game key codes.

For example, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular game in eSports tournaments and is referred to by using the key code “CS: GO”. Similarly, “PUBG” is used for PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, “RL” is used for Rocket League, “T7” is used for Tekken 7, “LoL” is used for League of Legends, and so on.

If you are an eSports fan and if eSports tournaments are not available in your country, you can still be a part of eSports tournaments by placing a bet on eSports. There are multiple websites out there that are a part of all the major eSports tournaments out there including eSports tournaments in 2018, and lets you place bets on your favorite team playing in the eSports tournament of your choice.

Final Words

If you are an enthusiastic eSports fan, then placing a bet on eSports helps you in making some money all while keeping track of the eSports tournament of your choice and supporting your favorite team.

If you are avid eSports fan, then do comment below mentioning your favorite upcoming eSports tournament 2018 and  also comment the name of your favorite eSports team.

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