Apple will launch the iPhone 13 mini despite little demand for the iPhone 12 mini

They stated that the mini are a niche market and that many people would still like to get their hands on a compact device

Last year, Apple introduced a new model in the iPhone series. It was the iPhone 12 Mini. A compact phone with flagship-level specifications. Not only that, but Apple also revived its iPhone SE smartphone. It was a cheap yet powerful compact phone. The iPhone 12 Mini even though it has flagship specs failed to get many sales. But that does not mean Apple is halting production. Apple has guaranteed that we will see the iPhone 13 Mini this year.

As posted by an Apple insider, the sales of the iPhone 12 Mini were just 6%. Thus we all thought that it may be the end of mini line of smartphones from Apple. Jon Prosser even mentioned that Apple will be stopping the production of the Mini-phone next quarter due to poor numbers. However, the leakster also said that it doesn’t mean that Apple will stop selling the iPhone 12 Mini. They can restart production at any time. And the reason for no more production was that Apple may have already reached the current demand for the iPhone 12 Mini.

It is evident that the iPhone 12 Mini is a niche phone. Since it comes with a tiny 5.4-inch display, the only those interested in compact devices will buy it. It is not an average size, but too small. For comparison, these days flagship phones are launching with a display size of 6.5 to 7-inch. For those people who loved the Mini-phone, well, the low sales of the iPhone 12 Mini will not be an issue as we might get the iPhone 13 Mini this year.

According to Jon Prosser, we will see a Mini flagship this year as well. The rumors suggest that iPhone 13 series will have a similar size to the iPhone 12 series. There will be four models just like the 12-series. To re-call, iPhone 12 Mini came with a 5.4-inch display followed by a 6.1-inch display on iPhone 12 & 12 Pro. While the 12 Pro Max featured a 6.7-inch massive display.

Apple launched 5 iPhones last year. We also saw the rebirth of the iPhone SE. It is also a compact phone having a size of just 4.7-inch. And it came out after a long time. People were waiting for the SE phone. It was launched months before the iPhone 12 series launch. And people who wanted a compact iPhone might have gone with the iPhone SE. And it could be the reason for the low sales of the iPhone 12 Mini. Well, this year we might not see a compact iPhone SE so it gives more space to the iPhone 13 Mini.

The 2021 iPhone lineup will look similar to the 2020 iPhone lineup, with four devices in sizes that include 5.4-inches, 6.1-inches, and 6.7-inches, with two of the iPhones being higher-end “Pro” models and two positioned as lower-cost, more affordable devices.

Apple is also considering adding an in-display fingerprint sensor to the iPhone 13 models, which would be used in addition to Face ID as an alternate biometric authentication method.

As announced earlier, the iPhone 13 series will pack an X60 5G modem with mmWave bands in the 26GHz frequency and above. It will also have 120Hz ProMotion display, a smaller notch, and even LiDAR sensor on all models.

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