6 Best Apps for Android! – September, 2017.

Our old and the boring world has been exploded with the incoming of the marvelous apps that cater to all your need and requirements. However, the biggest problem comes to the scene when we have to choose the best one among the heap of the Prodigy ones. You seem to be in a state of a dilemma to decide the peak one for you and so here is this article for you that you must have in 2017 without which your device will be of no use. So, now without wasting a single minute let’s move on with the must have the topic.



  1. BLACKPILLS: – The Google Play Store has been bombed with the Prodigy apps of all types starting from the world of the news to the new and the delicious view of the foods. But here is this app which is best suited for you and that is none other than Blackpills. This online video streaming app allows you to watch all your favorites of different genres starting from the creepy atmosphere of the abandoned house to the power pack action scenes. Unlike Netflix, the contents shown in this app are original so, you won’t see it anywhere else.


Download here BLACKPILLS


  1. POWERLINE: – You might have used the apps that tell you about the status of your phone regarding the notification of the battery or the memory consumed by the unwanted stuff. But I can bet that you can hardly get an alternative for this Prodigy app. I am talking about the Powerline app that tells you about the current status of your device and let you know how many unread messages you have? The colored indicator at the top of your device is one of the most eye catchy features of this app.


Download here  POWERLINE

  1. MEMRISE: – Are you bored sitting in the classroom and listening to boring lectures? Here is the best app for you that will take the learning to an another advanced level with the deliverance of the marvelous lectures by the renowned faculties. Download this app and switch on to any one of the course and complete the daily goals and achievements. Now make your learning smart with the embeddment of this app.


Download here MEMRISE

  1. AWESUMMLY: – Are you frustrated with the overrated and the exaggerated writings in the newspaper? Do you want your learning to be smarter rather than the old and the boring techniques? So, here is this best app for you that will take care of all your needs. The result of this app is the combined efforts of the three leaders who take their thoughts and imagination to the other level which insist it to become one of the most trusted short news reading app.  An Indian startup reaching the heights of success in the limited period of time is far more than appreciable. So, download this app and feel the difference.


Download here Short news app

Or Read news directly short news from the website.

  1. AVG: – Thanks to Avast Technologies Pvt. Ltd whose combined efforts make this awesome app to exist among us to protect our device from the external malware. Embedded with one of the most advanced features it automatically scans the downloaded files and folders and immediately sorts out all the queries with its unique scanning features. Not only the scanning it also removes the apps who attack from behind lowering down the performance of the device.


Download here AVG ANTIVIRUS

  1. ANY.DO: – Keeping yourself focused on one type of work is immensely difficult when other hardcore works are waiting for you in the way. However, the most difficult task is to memorize all the works and so here is this app for you that will help you in every way with the complete record of the works you have to face in the future. Embedded with the bunch of features like the sharing of the work among your co-members all can be easily done through this marvelous app.


Download here ANY.DO

If you are thinking to start your then here is something that you must check How To Go About Hiring A Web Designing Company

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