BlackBerry Priv Updated To Marshmallow!

BlackBerry Priv will start receiving Android Marshmallow from the 3rd of May. It’s only been a month since BlackBerry launched a beta program to test Marshmallow for the Priv and the results are here for all to see. The update will come patched with the May Security Update. This isn’t much of a surprise since BlackBerry has been very fast and regular when it comes to delivering the monthly security patches.

This update brings with it more than just the improvements that Marshmallow brought as BlackBerry has used this as an opportunity to make their own enhancements. They’ve played to their strengths: productivity and security.

What all does this update get you over what Marshmallow itself brings? You get S/MIME support which lets you encrypt your emails. The new emoji can be accessed from the BlackBerry keyboard. The keyboard also lets you swipe to type now, on the virtual and physical keyboard. There have also been improvements to the word prediction and a new cursor control mode on the physical keyboard aids in improving cursor placement and maneuvering.

The BlackBerry Hub now shows notifications from most major social networks (read Instagram, Skype, Slack and Pinterest). The launcer too has been updated to make organising your apps into different sections easier. An important security focused enhancement is the ability to encrypt your media card.

The camera too has received significant attention as you can now record videos in 24 fps at 4K. You can also record videos as 120 fps and then enjoy slow motion videos with the 30 fps playback. You can apply the slow motion effect after recording the video and even apply it to specific sections of the video.

You can enjoy all of this once the Android M update alert shows up on your notification tray and you hit the button. Also, do let us know your experience if you’re a Priv User! 😀


[SOURCE: BlackBerry]

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