Play Store now has Vysor!

You’re working on your PC and you hear a buzz from the phone that is sitting beside you .You check your notifications and then go back to your PC .A few seconds later you hear a couple more buzzes and this keeps going on , eventually you get irritated and search google for something that will help you get rid of this back and forth travel between the phone and PC. Here comes Vysor!

Vysor-2Well there are 2 ways of doing this , using Vysor or resorting to pushbullet .Pushbullet however can’t do one thing that Vysor can . Mirror the phone to the PC so that you’re job of switching between the phone and the PC gets integrated into one user interface and makes the whole thing look so seamless and easy and you’re left with lot more than just notification control that pushbullet provides . That is what Vysor is capable of.

Vysor is a Chrome application that helps mirror your phone/tablets screen right onto your PC/Mac.It uses the android debug bridge to mirror your phone’s/ tablet’s screen as a window .Earlier the application needed a bit of setting up via the Android Debug Bridge(ADB) which discouraged a few less tech savvy users.Now we have the application hitting the play store which makes the whole process so much easier , with its complete guidance.


The android app all by itself doesn’t do much except redirect you to the Chrome browser so that you can download the partner app for your workstation.Further it guides you through the complete setup to pair the phone via a USB cable so that you can begin mirroring for as long as you wish !.

For those who want those extra upper end features , Vysor pro comes at 1.99$/month or 9.99$/year . It may seem a bit costly but it does provide with a neat set of features such as wireless capabilities and ability to drag and drop files from one device to another seamlessly and fast and many more which might be added with further updates.

What do you guys think of this ? Samsung phones did come with a free app called Side Sync which performed the same function but now that this has the capability to do the same for all android phones , it would be a big thing ! . If you use it let us know in the comments regarding your experience and whether it was worth giving a shot !

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