How to Chat with One or More Friends using KIK?

KIK is one of the fastest growing online messaging platform right now and more and more people are signing up with Kik. One of the factors that make Kik so popular is that it is one of the safest messengers out there that you can use to protect your private information when you are chatting with a stranger.

You can see Kik being used a lot on large social media platforms and forms where strangers interact and exchange Kik username if they seem interested in each other. Now with the growing popularity of the Kik messenger you can be using it as your primary messenger to chat with your colleagues, classmates, friends and family members. If you are using Kik then it is more than likely that most of your friends and classmates are using Kik as well to interact with strangers or use it to chat with friends.

Perks of Using Kik:

Secureity Like Never Before!

With all the benefits of a normal online messaging platform, you get all these extra perks that help make your social experience much more secure and satisfying.

  • All your contact information is private and the person who is talking to you using Kik messenger cannot know anything more about unless you tell them yourself. The Kik messenger is super secure and if you share your username with someone that is disturbing you, you can always change your username without having to enter a new e mail ID or phone number and the person will never be able to contact you again and it will serve you well when you are chatting with a stranger.
  • If you are a parent and want to manage what your kid uses the Kik messenger for, you can do so using the in app tools, the elaborated procedure is explained on their official website. The developers of Kik are very much concerned about the safety of the users and that is why they have designed the app in such a way that the other person will not be able to disturb your peace if when you don’t want.
  • You can access KIK Messenger online and chat with your friends and colleague without any hassle. Here is the method to login KIK online.

How to Chat with Friends using Kik:

Yeah! 😀

You can find most of your classmates and colleagues on Kik thanks to its growing popularity. If you want to chat with someone on Kik, the only thing you need is their Kik Username. Following is the process how you can chat with your friends on Kik.

  • Get the Kik username of your friend.
  • Enter the Kik username of your friend in ‘Find People’ option, you can also use Kik to scan your contact list and that will let you know the usernames of all your contacts that are using Kik.
  • Add the person you want to connect with and they will receive a message request, if they accept it you can chat and if not then you can’t.
  • You can add other members too in the chat and make a group conversation involving two or more people.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment your queries regarding Kik messenger, we will be happy to help you.

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