Chuwi Lapbook Air Coming: An Attractive Alternative to the Macbook Air?

Chuwi, a quite famous Tablet Manufacturing brand based at China has been producting some impressive tablets and ultrabooks since a year and there new upcoming tech is seriously attractive! They call it “Chuwi Lapbook Air”… Sounds familiar?

Well, I got few images of it from the brand itself and Just a glimpse of it, I already mistaken it for MacBook with the Chuwi logo hidden. It’s so thin and so light to hold in hand. A great competitor for the Macbook Air with a cheaper price!

Taking a close look at Chuwi Lapbook Air, the logo on it is with backlight, it looks so smooth and quiet, together with the backlight keyboard, your play at night would not be alone .

If you measure the thickness of the Chuwi LapBook Air, 6mm is the number you would get at the thinnest measurement as a magazine. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty blown at that number though.

Chuwi Lapbook Air
It’s a thin and light 14.1″ laptop with full-metal fuselage that weights only 1.3 kgs, it feels so sleek and comfortable with the matte treatment, just like touching the real MacBook and Surface Laptop . It has larger screen-to-body ratio thanks to the close-to-zero bezel design. Much better than the ultrabooks we’ve seen coming from various other Chinese Brands.

Full lamination makes the whole piece bezel-less glass stay close knit with LCD panel, making it so detailed and vibrant when the screen is on, and when you close it, the pure black surfaces itself .

Chuwi Lapbook Air
You see that thickness?


As the brand boasts- “Thin as a blade, Light as a feather…This is Chuwi LapBook Air”, We would actually love to see it perform like a Premium Laptop with the satisfaction of owning a Macbook Air competitor like last year we had our awesome experience with the Asus Zenbook 3! We will keep you readers updated with anymore information! Hope you please us way more than we already are, Chuwi.



Source: Chuwi

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