Exemplary Tips to Detect Duplicate Files with Ease at an Unmatchable Speed

Duplicate files are disk space eaters, which very few Mac users take into attention. These irrelevant files restrict you from saving new ones, and experts recommend getting rid of these files. It becomes daunting for a Mac user to manage multiple versions of the same document. The worst part lies in having space yet still being weighed down.

And that’s the reason Mac users feel the need for duplicate file finders for getting rid of the junk.

Using the duplicate file Finder

A duplicate file finder helps to find the duplicate file. Whether it is music, document, videos, archives, photos, or some other file type. The search process also speeds up by opening the Preferences window. All you’ve to do is go to the menu section and launch the application. Select the Duplicate File Finder, use the command, and use the Comma as a shortcut key. Now that you know the essence of having a duplicate file finder for removing the duplicate files, how about using the same for speeding up the process to unexceptional levels? Can’t wait to know how? Stick onto us while we share some tips to give your duplicate file finder the sky-rocketing speed you’re looking to achieve:

  • General tab

Your computer has many files; the application you select has to make a comparison of many files. Testing of copies can be manual. Cut the size of the file you’re looking forward to scanning by making use of a duplicate file finder. This option works wonders for people looking out for some real quick disk space. Increase the settings of the files in a manner that the app doesn’t involve in checking items at the same time; the General tab results in spending less time on duplicate file search processes for twin images or videos.

  • Scan hidden folders

A duplicate file finder helps in finding even the hidden files and folders. You can do the same by enabling the option. All you’ve to do is detect these files and remove them from your PC with ease. The time taken by the search process to scan the home folder is the least. So when you use the methods of duplicate finder mac, you are clearing up some extra space on your hard drive. Although this seems better, experts recommend disabling this option at all times. They say so because enabling the same would slow down the process of scanning, saving you by restricting manual search.

  • Full-Scale Scanning of Duplicates

Finding duplicate files works by comparing the file contents. Disabling the option quickens up the search process but checks only some file parts. This rule applies to binary file formats, like for .text or .bmp. Though there is an option for byte-by-byte checking also, this slows the scanning process to great extents. Thus, for greater efficiency and performance, always consider disabling this option at all times.

  • Skip Duplicate Search Files

You can add folders, extensions, and files onto the Skip Tab List. Adding to this list will drop checking the chosen files. Now that you’re wondering about the importance of adding the same to the Skip List, this is equal to sharing files. Yes, sometimes you create duplicates to share to cloud storage like Google Drive or DropBox. Adding these folders to the skip list will end their scanning by duplicate file cleaning applications. This option also works wonders in protecting some essential files and folders. The Skip List extensions protect your files from accidental deletion of files- the ones you consider important.

  • Selecting the Duplicate File Checker

Detecting each file byte by byte involves much time and hassle, especially during the presence of many duplicates. Now that a user wishes to erase files, they can do it with an auto select option. Yet, for this, the user must know the file he/she’s looking out to delete/remove. Using specific folders for file accumulation works the best for you. They can also help in the creation of a never-select checklist and add the unwanted files in there so that he/she knows about not selecting these files. You can also add prefix or suffix while embarking upon the file selection process. The users can enable and disable the selecting rules. They need to tick the appropriate options in the checkboxes and then select the option most apt for them. This process is an easy way of selecting duplicates by clicking on the auto select option. Indulging in activities like these helps in speeding the cleaning process for duplicate files.

Setting up a permanent removal system with the removal tab is another option that must be on your list. Making folders empty and logging removal off the duplicates helps in increasing the speed of your duplicate file cleaning process.

Bibhuranjan Nath

Bibhuranjan is the Chief Editorial Officer at Techno FAQ digital media and its subsidiary TekhDecoded. He is a tech journalist, avid gaming fanatic and loves all things tech, science and DIY. Follow him on Twitter.

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