Fresh Leaks of Moto G4

Some leaked photos of the Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus have been flying around with spottings on the subway , this time round we have with us fresh leaked photos of the Moto G4 with sufficient information on the front and rear end of the Lenovo made Moto G4 of 2016.


The more important of the 2 photos sheds some light regarding the rear of the device and its build material and design.The camera module seems pill shaped with 2 unidentified sensors above the camera whose purpose isnt known right now and a dual tone flash below the camera.The material of the rear end seems to be made of rubberized plastic akin to the moto g1 and g2 in terms of the feel and touch.The entire pill is housed by a glass which is hopefully sapphire for the extended protection.There also seems to be a small hole which lies slightly to the left of the pill shaped camera array . The pinhole could be a mic . but for its positioning which is quite awkward which leaves us mystified regarding what it actually could be.

Moving over to the front end of the device the design of the phone is quite similar in shape to Samsung Galaxy S7 with the curved edges .Again to the left of the square shaped fingerprint sensor there is another small pinhole, this could very well be the mic , but for its weird positioning which could make it an LED notification , we’ll have to wait it out to know more.The fingerprint sensor with its raised edges makes it look sort of like a clickable button again reminiscent of the one found on the Galaxy S7 unlike the capactivie home button of the Oneplus 2.

From the 2 photos no USB port or speaker grill or even the headset jack can be materialized . The same goes for the Lenovo branding on the phone which could possibly be down under on the rear end of the device.For further updates regarding the Moto G4 stay tuned as more photos and maybe an official statement regarding the phone’s launch will be made soon.Cheers !



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