Okay, So here is the Pixel 2 XL Apparently and is launching on October 4th.

Google’s upcoming 2nd gen flagship Pixel 2 XL has been in the rumour mill from a hell long time and it seems it has finally come to an end. Yesterday, Famous Leakster @evLeaks released apparently the final picture of the upcoming Pixel 2 XL and it does looks similar also our first glance at massive changes to the Pixel 2’s home screen…. similar to Galaxy S8 and LG G6.. Yeah.

Pixel 2 XLMost certainly, the Google search bar overlay on the Pixel 2 phones’ redesigned home screen is moving from the top of the display to the very lowest point of the home screen, below the app shortcuts. It appears quite uncanny at first look, but the positioning makes a lot of sense. The new placement of the Google search bar is much easier to reach lower down using a single hand, and the tech giant would evidently want Pixel owners to take benefit of search as much as viable.

Other notable alterations is the appearance of a new informative widget on the top of the screen when the device is locked instead of the traditional time and date. The widget appears to display the user’s next meeting or scheduled appointment as well as the current weather. That being said, it could be very useful should you use a Google Calendar more often.

What we all have to wait and see is whether any of this new feature and changes are customizable. On the first generation Pixel phones, Google included had included weather widget and a search button and neither of could be removed nor modified.

It could be more exasperating on the new Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2, most particularly if someone uses third-party calendar app instead of Google’s. There’s a chance that the colors and manners of the Google search bar could be altered.

Well, talking about the launch. The unveiling is set for 4 October, where Google will announce not just the successors to the Pixel lineup, but others, including a smaller version of the Google Homeconnected speaker, an all-new Pixelbook and even a refreshed Daydream View VR headset. Hah! Quite a lot things coming up!

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