The Future of Android and Its Sweet Names

I Personally Feel the Future of Android is going to be bright and I Know you must say that it should be bright it should be Sweet, And If you Don’t know Why It’s because That Google Has Always Chosen android’s name based on sweets. Whether it is an Eclair or a Nougat, I Always have some water in my mouth while using the android OS.

The Android OS, is based on Linux and That makes the Andy Platform easily available on any kind of device with even slow specs & That’s The Beauty of Droid.

Android is an Operating System Which was Built To make Every Person, Even Remote People Smarter and It was made for people who couldn’t afford to buy an iPhone or Like a good Samsung phone because you know that samsung devices are very slow and in today’s date none wants to buy a samsung else than the New S7 Series.

I Strongly Feel that The Andy Platform is Going to Get to a point where None can defeat it in Terms of The amount of people who use it.

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