Google Duo: Amazing Video Calling App which can Dominate many!

Google released their much awaited video calling app called Google Duo 1day ago and We here at Tekh Decoded have our hands on it already. We used it for couple of hours and the results will be what we will describe below! 🙂

We loved the design language of the Google Duo! Its has very simple UI which makes it light and easy to use. Much better from what we are used to see with Skype or Hangouts which pressures the RAM way to much and lags sometimes. I kinda liked Duo’s looks!


Coming to the call Quality, Google Duo performs good. The quality wasn’t superb even in 10mbps above speed which Google should be improving. I did see some sudden drops in the call and even sometimes, it got disconnected even! The video isn’t that smooth.

Some improvements are definitely needed but whatever it is now, its all fine. Google did a great job with Google Duo and what’s more? Tap on the contact’s photo or name and your video call will begin. Google will remind you the video is live to other user, even if they have not picked up the call yet.

Call Quality of Google Duo!
Call Quality of Google Duo!

This is similar to FaceTime, where the video is live before the call is picked. And no, you can’t do group calls with this. The Limit Data Usage option is on by default in this app, and in the settings you can add a list of Blocked Numbers as well.

However, when my phone was on low battery mode, Duo does show an option to disable video, and just continue with an audio call. But the app doesn’t have a specific audio call option highlighted, like FaceTime does( You can get Facetime for PC! 😀 too). A missed call from a friend shows up below the contact’s photo, and again you can just tap on it to call back.


Their are a lot to explore and test with Google Duo so we will surely get back to you again with a detailed Review pretty soon 🙂 Stay tuned and comment down below if you have any thoughts! Cheers!! 😀

Judhajeet Das

Tech Passionate and Heavy Geek! Into Blogging world since 2014 and never looked back since then :) I am also a YouTube Video Producer and Co-own InMyPlanet Networks. Co-Founder, Tekh Decoded.

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