Google Launching 2 Smartwatches by Early 2017!

2016 is almost to an end and we have seen some major tech developments this year. It has been a revolutionary span in the Tech Industry and 2016 will be in all our hearts forever for bringing some coolest innovations to us.

So, 2017 will be here in a few days and we already have a announcement soon coming our way. Google is said to launch 2 flagship Smartwatches by the early 2017 according to Jeff Chang, product manager of Android Wear at Google. In an interview, Chang said that the new watches will be the flagship Android Wear 2.0 devices and will be the first ones to launch with the new platform.

The new smartwatches had been rumored before, but Google confirmed the upcoming launch today as part of a larger effort to convince consumers that wearables — smartwatches specifically — are still in demand.

The new models will not carry the Pixel branding, but will be branded by the company that is manufacturing them. Chang says that Google collaborated with the manufacturer — which he wouldn’t name, but said has produced Android Wear devices in the past — on the hardware design and software integration for the watches. He likened the partnership to Google’s Nexus smartphone program in terms of collaboration and goals.

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In addition, Chang says that after Google’s flagship watches launch, other partners will release new devices with Android Wear 2.0 throughout 2017. Partner announcements on new devices are expected at both CES in a couple of weeks and the Baselworld trade show later in 2017. The company says it’s committed to supporting and promoting these launches in order to help build awareness in a consumer climate that is becoming increasingly adverse to smartwatches and wearables in general.

Though the smartwatch market is still nascent compared to smartphones, it appears that Apple is already starting to run away with it, and its only competition so far has been from Samsung, which doesn’t use Google’s platform on its devices. Fitbit is the leader in fitness trackers, but its recent purchase of Pebble indicates that it will be looking to move into the smartwatch market, as well. None of that bodes well for Google, which has already spent two and a half years trying to make Android Wear a success, with less than stellar results.

Chang says that Google’s strategy of working with many partners on Android Wear devices is advantageous. “We’ve enabled a lot of diversity with our hardware partners to target different types of consumers and preferences,” he says, before noting that Google is “quite optimistic” about the prospects of smartwatches. “This is a marathon, not a sprint. This category of product is here with us to stay.”

Man, we are all excited about the upcoming Smartwatches from Google! What would it be named? Pixel watches? Comment down below what you think!

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