Rock Band KISS-Inspired Google Live Cases!

A great news for Google’s Nexus and Pixel device users.If you’re the one who loves The Rock band KISS, willing to support it. There you have the opportunity to take part in launch event of Google Live Cases Design which is truly inspired up by the Rock and Roll Hall of Farmers.

In case you’re wondering, Google had already released the Google Live Cases in history, and this is the line-up part of that. If you’re thinking to pick-up one for you then there are total 12 number of designs.All comes up with own respective wallpaper design.However, it is yet to be confirmed that does this wallpapers would get updated or changed with time or not? The case is priced at about $40.

Now the devices which are confirmed to those are of course firstly Pixel and Pixel XL, but the company has also added few Nexus device those are Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X as they were also from Google how could they forget them.

The wallpaper in the case can be customized when you rotate your device, which gives it newer and stunned look, makes you feel like holding the different device. The case comes up with customizable semi command-able key which does work like, you can set it to do some task on pressing, we can say it a shortcut key( let’s hope Samsung is listening and something should happen to S8, Bixby key) or you can use it to change the live wallpaper.
Wrapping up and just saying that if you’re Nexus or Pixel user and do love and wanna support your Band for $40 then go for it and have a different experience with that.

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