Google Now is Offering a Shortcut to the Weather Info now!

Google Now has grown tremendously popular now. Everyone loves the pure Android Feel and Handy news feeds which shows up just by swiping at the right through Google Now Launcher! Its so intelligent and smart!  And all the apps from Google is just awesome, But one feature we have been missing is a dedicated service for Weather! Which has been now added but through Google Now! You finally have a dedicated Icon to click for the weather forcast! 😀

After rolling out a cute new weather screen back in January, Google is now offering a handy shortcut to the weather info that you can place on your homescreen. Just search “weather” in the Google app and you should see an option to “access weather instantly from your home screen.” Clicking Add creates a shortcut on the homescreen – tap it and you will be taken straight to the cute weather screen, featuring the forecast for the day, the next day, and the next ten days.


Tapping the hamburger gives you the option to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and you can easily check the weather in other locales by typing in the search box. This little shortcut blurs the line between native apps and the web, and without doubt, it’s a big blow to dedicated weather apps. It’s really hard to justify installing and using a dedicated app when Google puts the essentials right in front of you with minimal effort.

The feature has been in testing for the past several days, but it seems that Google is now rolling it out to more users. We received it in on several, but not all, of our devices. I know personally that weather is one of the main reasons I check Google Now, so this shortcut will definitely find a place on my homescreen. What about You Guys?

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