The Google Pixel HDR+ Mode On Your Android Smartphone!

The Google’s Pixel’s Camera performance is exceptional and we all know that.The pictures Pixel took goes under multiple complex processes, which other devices can only dream off. But here the dream comes to real.We have come to know that a Ukrainian developer named B-S-G made this miracle to happen. HDR+ is here!

He managed to relegate the software to every Android device that runs on Snapdragon 820/821 and 835 Chipset which clearly signifies that device meant to be powerful. By means of this you can take HDR+ picture like the Pixel device but same quality is not on our bet.

The developer altered the Google Pixel Camera and modify it to runs on device that comes with Snapdragon 820/821 or 835 flawlessly. Also Adam Convey writer at XDA Developers confirmed that apps runs on LG G6 , Galaxy S8+/S8, Oneplus 3T/3 and Oneplus 5 and there were significant improvements in the results.To be sure from malicious code or any harmful impact from the software, XDA looked at the code of the software too and confirmed the software to be completely safe to use.

Also while doing this they’ve come to know that the software is manipulated such that it would think App is being running of any Google’s Pixel successor. That was pretty intelligent move as, Pixel 2 is set to launch in coming months so there would be surely some testing stuff being going on the camera software too which developer took as advantage.Coming over to our topic, this will definitely make you to love your camera more but ofcourse, you’re not going you get the same Pixel picture quality and results with the all new HDR+!

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